WatchJRGo with BendPak's XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift

Wow, 700-plus horsepower rapidly motivates a Challenger Hellcat and it will really burn the tires-until you jump off the gas. But that’s OK, they sell new tires. Imagine you are teaching someone how to drive a stick shift in that 6-speed Mopar. Would you also show them how to power-shift? If you follow John Ross’ Watch JRGO on YouTube, you’ve seen how much fun he has performing the automotive-unexpected. Especially when he teams up with his Kansas-grown friend, Amber-who’s more famously known as Amberghini.

Matt Carriker from Off The Ranch

Ross’ adventurous Watch JRGO often sets course throughout Midwest farm sections testing the limits of everything from ’29 Model A Fords to brand-new BMWs, Challenger Hellcats, Lamborghinis, and just about anything that is typically found on most other’s bucket lists. Along the way, Ross and his friends also find automotive diamonds-in-the-rough and bring them back to the Watch JRGO shop to repair these cars so they live, thrive, and drive again. Everything from Kias to full-size one-ton pickups. Doing all of that though requires shop equipment built with good engineering, strength, versatility, and access. That’s where BendPak comes in.

Watch JRGO on YouTube receives his 4 new BendPak XPR10AS-LP 2-post lifts

BendPak’s XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift are the perfect lifting solutions for John Ross and his YouTube channel Watch JRGO for a host of reasons. BendPak lifts are well engineered and designed to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles with various lifting requirements. Since Watch JRGO works on vehicles that vary from lifted to lowered suspension heights, he needed a lift that was largely engineered with lift arms that are adjustable and adaptable to suit all configurations.

Check out BendPak's XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift highlights:

  • 10,000 lb. lifting capacity
  • Wide or narrow dirve-thru configuration
  • Telescoping screw pads offer increased versatility
  • Tru-Metric arm design for versatile arm positions
  • 30-degree rotated single-piece columns
  • Drop-end arms provide a lower pad height
  • Oversized 53" tall carriage for superior strength
  • 4-piece 63 mm stackable adapter set included
  • Triple-telescoping arm design
  • Versatile drop-in contact pads with stackable adapter pins

BendPak’s XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift met this bill with its expandable top beam and Tru-Metric arms to suit most all vehicle lifting requirements. The benefits of true asymmetric lifts begin with 30-degree rotated columns that allow extra door-opening clearance, which also translates to easier interior car access. If you have ever had a car up on a lift and realized you needed the keys or anything else from inside the car, you can appreciate this. As well, the Tru-Metric carriage and arm design work together to provide the ability to load vehicles either symmetrically (centerline of vehicle at column) or asymmetrically (centerline of vehicle behind column).

Matt Carriker from Off The Ranch

BendPak's XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift-Features

  • Expandable top beam accommodates wide or narrow drive-thru configuration
  • Double-telescoping screw pads offer increased versatility
  • Added overhead safety shutoff bar
  • BendPak’s Tru-Metric arm design for more versatile arm positioning
  • Single-point safety release
  • Dual hydraulic direct-drive cylinders
  • Oversized 53” tall carriage for superior strength and durability
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Electric/hydraulic power system
  • Large, 17”X19” A36 steel base plate
  • Self-Lubricating, dura-glide UHMW polyethylene bearing system
  • Self-Lubricating, dura-glide UHMW polyethylene bearing system
  • Plated arm restraints and arm pins for rust prevention
  • Heavy-duty ½” aircraft-quality equalizer cables
  • Oversized cable sheave diameter reduces cable fatigue
  • Versatile drop-in contact pads with stackable adapters
  • ETL Approved

BendPak’s XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift-Specs

  • Model XPR-10AS Style Asymmetric Lifting Capacity 10,000 lbs. (4,536 kg)
  • Rise 69" (1,753 mm)
  • Rise + Pad Only 73" (1,854 mm)
  • Max. Lifting Height 79" (2,007 mm)
  • Min. Height + Pad 4" (102 mm)
  • Height Overall 145" (3,683 mm)
  • Width Overall 137" (3,480 mm) or 145" (3,683 mm)
  • Outside Columns 133.25" (3,386 mm) or 141.25" (3,590 mm)
  • Inside Columns 106.25" (2,700 mm) or 114.25" (2,903 mm)
  • Drive-Thru Clearance 93.75" (2,382 mm) or 101.75" (2,585 mm)
  • Front Arm Reach (MIN) 23.5" (595 mm)
  • Front Arm Reach (MAX) 43.75" (1,110 mm)
  • Rear Arm Reach (MIN) 40.25" (1,024 mm)
  • Rear Arm Reach (MAX) 58" (1,474 mm)
  • Screw Pad Adjustment 2" (51 mm)
  • Max. Load per Arm 2,500 lbs. (1,134 kg)
  • Time to Full Rise 45 seconds
  • Noise 45 dB
  • Motor 220 VAC/60 Hz/1 Ph

John Ross’ Watch JRGO, finds BendPak’s useful features and specs work well for the many challenging repairs he performs in his shop. Unlike many other shops that might specialize in familiar types of vehicles in a general category, Ross takes on just about anything that moves under its own power; and even those that sometimes don’t. At Watch JRGO you can often find everything from a Rolls Royce, F-250, Audi R8, or 1993 Geo Metro up in the air. This means that besides predictable reliability in a lift, he also has a big use for lifts that have the capabilities to acrobatically accommodate. He finds his XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift tremendously helpful when working on cars that require special handling or are temporarily balanced differently because they are minus an engine. If you are looking for a lift that can keep pace with what you do, check out Bendpak. BendPak’s XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift is a lift that can adapt to your needs.