Off The Ranch

BendPak Works Hard, On and Off the Ranch

Have you ever wondered what it's like to drive a military-style Humvee in the pouring rain? Have you seen all the excitement that you can have Off the Ranch? In other words have you checked out Matt Carriker's Off the Ranch series on YouTube to see all the cool things that Matt's up to in his shop and on the road with BendPak shop equipment?

Matt Carriker from Off The Ranch

On his channel Matt takes you along as he works on and drives a long list of aberrant vehicles. To say he is a "car guy" is an understatement. That is because he typically gravitates to the brawniest mechanical modes of transportation that have ever been conceived. But otherwise, Matt is like many. Busy raising a family with his wife Meredith and 3 kids, doing his day-job as a vet, all while including his friends on YouTube in the many adventures he has from and around his home-based car shop in Boerne, Texas

While by day Matt is serving the animal community as a veterinarian north of San Antonio, Texas, he successfully multitasks his lifestyle to fulfil his mechanical wishes. Right now he is hoping to finish an early ’80’s Ford Bronco. The Bronco had belonged to one of Matt’s best friends, Tyler Voss, Captain in the United States Air Force. Tyler lost his life overseas a few years back, so Matt wanted to build the Bronco to make his buddy Tyler proud and as a testament to his service. As a reflection of that strong bond, he has added a Smeding Performance 427 Windsor with fuel injection where a stock 351 once sheltered. That new 427 small-block Ford lets the reins loose on well over 550 horses.

Off The Ranch Pickup Truck Engine

With Matt’s large by huge YouTube following, we took notice of what he likes to build and thought we would join in with some really cool tackle from our BendPak barn. Since his shop times are filled with surprising circumstances, he needed a variety of shop equipment ready, willing, and able to assist. So we outfitted his arena with a Bendpak 2-post lift capable of hoisting 10,000 lbs. up high in the air, a hefty 20-ton shop press (RP-20HD), heavy-duty workshop table (RWB-2S), and more cool goodies. The BendPak 2-post we provided is an XPR-10AXLS with asymmetrical posts, meaning each of the posts are angled to allow greater door opening. This feature should be especially helpful when Matt drives on one of his widest beasts. This big and tall lift also bargains a Texas sized vertical rise of 82.25”, so that Matt is always ready to raise high the grandest of orders that he rolls into his shop.

BendPak XPR-10AXLS Two Post Asymmetrical Post

But Matt’s perfunctory dexterity doesn’t stop there. He typically has many heavy workhorses (aka Big Trucks, Hummers, Military M-Series, performance cars, and off-road vehicles) that he is either buying or building. What makes a lot of Matt’s YouTube following super interesting is that almost every vehicle he gets is nowhere near an everyday ride. Words and phrases like “ordinary”, “do like everyone else”, “follow the herd”, are definitely not in his vocab. You know, Matt is one of those guys who assembles things perfectly, after first throwing the instruction sheet in the wastebasket.

If you have the opportunity, check out Off the Ranch on YouTube.

We think you will find that he always displays an infectiously great time accomplishing each automotive, family, and workday’s demands. Matt is frequently posting new videos about his ever-evolving dynamics of life and automotive challenges and outcomes. One thing is for certain, you won’t be able to find a YouTube video of Matt without him wearing his big smile. At BendPak, we’re equally as happy too because it’s always great to be a part of the automotive shop equipment world with so many great enthusiasts involved with their interesting stories.

Whatever automotive task makes you smile, BendPak can help. With BendPak’s immense variety of car lifts and shop equipment, we’re certain we have one to fit your garage space, shop, or hobby. At BendPak, we are always glad to be a part of the excitement.