EV Battery Lift Tables

Ready To Service EVs?

Electric Vehicles are becoming more and more popular every day. Make sure you’re ready to tackle EV battery pack replacement with the Mobi-EVS Series from BendPak. These full-rise, scissor-style lift tables sport a compact design and can effortlessly be transported between bays. The EV2400SL can safely lift up to 2,400 lbs., while the EV4000SL can handle a whopping 4,000 lbs. Both models feature recessed mounting anchors which can be used to accommodate a variety of specialty lifting brackets so you’ll be able to safely handle engines, transmissions, gas tanks, transaxle assemblies, and more.

Superior Engineering

Equipped with zero-throw casters, you’ll be able to take advantage of low rolling resistance and unparalleled maneuverability. Moving a BendPak EV battery lift tables require a fraction of the force that would be required on other battery lifts. Mobi-EVS lift tables feature precision steel scissor rollers within the structural steel channels which provide excellent load stability during all stages of travel, and an automatic 3-stage 15-amp battery charger will make sure that your battery is protected from overcharge.

First-Class Support

The Mobi-EVS Series is backed by BendPak’s industry-leading warranty program. Whether you have any questions before or after purchase, our support team will be with you every step of the way. Get ready to take on EV work with a Mobi-EVS battery lift table from BendPak.





Experience That Counts

You don’t last too long in this industry without consistently setting yourself apart in the way you do business, and BendPak has been around for over 50 years! We’re always willing to go the extra mile to make you feel satisfied when you choose BendPak, and we do everything in our power to ensure you stay a customer for life. It isn’t enough to be the global leader in premium automotive service products such as two-post lifts, four-post lifts, alignment lifts, pipe benders and air compressors. At BendPak, we’re dedicated to winning customers and earning their trust by offering unparalleled value and fostering lifelong business relationships to the benefit of everyone involved.

How to find car lift reviews?

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always pushing the industry standard up another notch, and though the competition may try to mimic us, their lifts will never be BendPak lifts, and their service will never be BendPak service. Navigate through our about pages to find out more about what makes BendPak the world leader in customer satisfaction and product quality. If it’s a BendPak, you know you're lifting with the best.

Before You Purchase a Car Lift (in Three Easy Steps)

Step 1: Car Lift Purchasing Guide

There’s so much to know about car lifts that it can be tricky to make a final decision. Our purchasing guide will go into every aspect of purchasing a car lift: style comparisons, safety information, pricing, shopping tips and more. Don’t be intimidated—BendPak is here to help! The best thing you can do before you buy is simply make yourself comfortable with your purchase. Our purchasing guide is a good first step.

How to Identify a Quality Car Lift for Sale

Best Car Lift Purchasing Guide

Step 2: Car Lift Facts Study

We’ve put together a Facts Study in order to show you how BendPak sets itself apart from the competition. In this section, you’ll find car lift comparisons to Rotary Lift, Challenger Lift, Direct Lift and studies on other brands. We could brag about our accomplishments all day, but we really want you to see why we do what we do; to this end, we’re bringing you inside the working structural components of our car lifts. We want you educate yourself as much as possible before making a purchase.

Car Lift Facts Study

First, all parts are visually inspected before being sandblasted. The parts are then washed in our 5-stage phosphate tanks that can accommodate equipment up to 25' long. Once cleaned, all parts are immediately dried (to avoid rust production) and outgassed. Outgassing pre-bakes the parts in a curing oven, reducing the possibility of blemishes that may be hiding in the pores of the metal. If not properly outgassed, imperfections in the metal may bubble during the curing process and cause chips in the powder.

After the parts are washed and outgassed, any surfaces and/or threaded holes that need to be masked or plugged are done so with high-temperature masking tape and silicone plugs. Next, the parts are given a quick thinner wipe to remove any light debris or fingerprints before being hung on an electrostatically grounded conveyor line. The powder is finally applied with an electrostatic spray gun. The powder “sticks" on the surface like dust sticks to a television screen. Once the parts are powder-coated, the carts are rolled into our curing oven and baked at 400° F for 45 minutes.

Step 3: Read BendPak's Best Car Lift Reviews

It can be hard to know who to trust when it comes to reviews, so we took the liberty to assemble a guide that takes some reliable third-party reviewers and put all of their great advice in one place. We picked reviews that will show you a multitude of lift options, and BendPak is a constant presence on these sites. Each review will show you around different car lift types and brands, but you're sure to see a few of BendPak's best-sellers on multiple lists. In fact, BendPak tends to get the best car lift reviews. See for yourself!

Best Car Lift Reviews

Want to customize your BendPak lift?

When we switched our standard car lift color scheme from BendPak's famous blue to Gunmetal Gray, we took into account the fact that some people still prefer to customize their lifts. While the vast majority of our customers prefer Gunmetal Gray, the BendPak blue is still available as an option, as well as Graphite black and Seca Red.

BendPak's Car Lift Colors

BendPak's Custom Car Lift Colors

I need a car lift for my home garage!

If you need a low-ceiling lift, or a portable scissor lift for your home garage, we have you covered. BendPak offers select car lifts specifically tailored for homeowners. Every bit as safe and convenient as our taller models, many of these lifts don't even need to be bolted down. They're also easier to move and stow. Explore our full inventory of lifts in order to find the perfect one for your home garage. You can also contact us at any time, and let us point you in the right direction.

All BendPak car lifts come with detailed instructions

Included with every lift are detailed installation and maintenance instructions, graphic safety decals, maintenance decals, a vehicle lifting point guide and a safety instruction placard to train personnel on proper safety procedures and maintenance guidelines.

BendPak 5-2-1 Warranty

The BendPak 5-2-1 Warranty: Better Products - Better Service - Better Value

For more than a decade, America’s best lifts have been coupled with the best warranty in the business. Instead of hiding behind a long veil of marketing fluff, we’re proud to deliver our warranty upfront for all to see. To make sure we deliver our customers products worthy of our 5-2-1 warranty, we developed our Design-Build-Quality-Deliver directive. This Zero-Tolerance for Defects initiative, combined with our 5-2-1 Warranty, is BendPak’s way of backing up what we claim. We employ a dedicated team of design engineers who are responsible for detecting and correcting any issue, no matter how small, before it gets to the customer. Five years is a long time, so we’ve got to get it right before we ship. The best warranty in the business gives you more than just peace of mind: it stands as proof that we take a little extra care building your lift, and every precaution is taken to maintain the highest degree of quality, dependability and reliability.

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