Before you make any assumptions, Saabkyle04 is not a channel dedicated to all things Saab. In 2004, channel owner Kyle got his first of many cars. It was a Saab. Hence, the channel name. When it comes to his cars and trucks, Kyle is into all makes and models. His channel covers the cars he drives and acquires, new and old, running and sometimes not-so-much. He covers the ins and outs of each vehicle. Kyle is particularly interested in what makes each and every individual vehicle special, so he tends to dig into the details of each featured vehicle.

saabkyle04 YouTube GrandPrix two-post lift

If you don't love cars, you won't love this channel. It doesn't really deviate much from talking about, wrenching on and driving cars. Kyle is perhaps most known for doing in-depth reviews of cars—it's sort of his signature thing. He's also known for taking on difficult projects and going on random road trips. He strives to entertain, and he and his friends are very entertaining, but you'll learn a lot as well. The consistency of Kyle's posting is legendary: He doesn't really take breaks, so you can always rely on a few uploads per week.

With over 1 million followers (and growing), Kyle is well-established in the car community. If you missed him somehow, no sweat, it's just another thing on the internet to discover and love. There's plenty of merchandise on his site too, so if you're looking to support influencers and car channels who do the kind of things you like to see, pick up a shirt or something! Mostly, just take in his channel for all it's worth. And of course, you're bound to see some BendPak equipment in his videos, including a GrandPrix two-post lift for his low-ceiling home garage.

saabkyle04 GrandPrix Two-Post Lift on YouTube