Tom's Turbo Garage

"After plenty of research, it was clear that the BendPak two-post lift was the right choice for me."

Tom is one of our favorite auto personalities on YouTube, and he's been at it for quite a while. His style is lighthearted, informative and generally project-based. Whenever he gets a new dream car (even if it's not your dream car), he starts cranking out videos and really getting into the work. If you like seeing a true wrencher cleaning parts, playing with mods and turbos, and generally just winning at garage life, then this is the channel for you.

Toms Turbo Garage under BendPak two-post lift

When Tom made the shift from blogging to YouTube in 2012, he also made the shift from jack stands to a BendPak XPR-10AS two-post lift. Check out his review below:

Tom makes clear in his video that he chose BendPak after reading independent Garage Journal reviews and hearing about our reputation for superior customer service. That's quite an endorsement, and we're always glad when our efforts are validated by our customers.

Toms Turbo Garage with BendPak two-post lift

As the title of his channel indicates, Tom is all about turbos. If you've been looking to mod your own car or just like seeing how the DIY lifestyle can save you thousands on the cost of upgrading your car, then once again, this is definitely the channel for you.

Toms Turbo Garage on YouTube

Tom keeps things educational, and garage business is serious work, but he isn't afraid to get a little goofy. It's always refreshing to see someone ham it up once in a while. Car maintenance is supposed to be fun, right?