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Wheel Service Accessories

Ranger has you covered with an incredible selection of wheel service accessories. If you know the job you need done and the volume of work you receive on a daily basis, we can help determine the right accessories for you. Whether you work in a professional shop or just need the right equipment for your home garage, Ranger has all the wheel service accessories you need.

NextGen™ Tire Changers are Shop Favorites

Give your shop the capabilities it needs to succeed with wheel service accessories from Ranger Products. We re-engineered our entire line of professional-grade tire changing equipment, and then threw them out into the real world for testing. After months of trials and countless adjustments, we're proud to say each one of these state-of-the-art tire changers is approved for even your toughest daily routines. Delicate rims and run-flats won't know what hit them, because these tire changers are as gentle as they are powerful. Check out our tire changer and wheel service accessories below to see how you can add more to your shop’s bottom line.

RWL-150T (5150355)

Pneumatic Wheel Lift Fits R980XR and R980AT

Ranger's RWL-150T is the efficient, hassle-free lifting solution for heavy tire and wheel combinations. Save time, money and your technicians’ backs, all while eliminating the inefficiency and danger of lifting tires in your shop.

Starting at $505 + Shipping

Elevated Clamp Adapter (5327861)

Elevated ATV Tire Changer Wheel Clamps / Set of 4 / Fits R745

ATV wheel clamps attach to NextGen™ Ranger R745 tire changer. Make sure to explore the correct clamp model, so you get the right one for your vehicles and needs.

Starting at $290 + Shipping

ATV Changer Clamps Kit (5328308)

Elevated ATV Clamps Kit / Set of 4 / Fits Adjustable Clamp Models / Includes ATV Mount and Demount Head

This kit of four elevated expansion clamps fits NextGen™ series tire changers by Ranger Products. Check the specific clamp model number to make sure you get the right clamps for your tire changer.

Starting at $350 + Shipping

Motorcycle Shaft Kit (5150320)

Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Clamp / Shaft Kit Felt Pad / Fits DST-2420 and DST-64T

Set of four clamp adapters for use on DST-2420 and DST-64T wheel balancers from Ranger. Get more versatility than ever with your Ranger wheel balancing equipment.

Starting at $385 + Shipping

Plastic Tool Head (5150523)

Plastic Tool Head / Flange Style / Requires Mounting Flange

Plastic mount head is non-marring, so it protects alloy wheels from damage when mounting on tire changers.

Starting at $40 + Shipping

Quick-Chuck Kit (5150525)

Quick-Chuck Kit For Tool Head / Fits Ranger NextGen Tire Changers

Don’t waste time with that hex wrench! Easily convert standard vertical slides to “quick-change,” so you can swap standard duck heads and plastic duck heads faster than ever before.

Starting at $200 + Shipping

Wheel Protection Kit (5150585)

Wheel Protection Kit / Includes: 3 Roller Inserts, 3 Under Inserts, 4 Clamp Covers, 2 Blade Covers

Cover exposed parts of your tire changer, and give your clients’ wheels superior protection during tire changes, only with a Ranger Products wheel protection kit.

Starting at $70 + Shipping

Tire Iron (5400110)

Tire Iron / Tire Changer Bead Lifting Tool

This durable tire iron will never bend, snap or rust out on you. They’re a little old-fashioned by themselves, but when paired with a Ranger tire changer, tire irons offer incredible versatility for stubborn beads or times you just want to speed things along that much more.

Starting at $50 + Shipping

Truck Cone Kit (5150555)

Wheel Balancer Truck Cone / Spacer Kit Set / Fits 36 mm Shaft

For better, more versatile wheel service, each Ranger truck cone and backing plate kit fits almost every medium and heavy‐duty truck wheel on the market. Fits 36 mm shaft.

Starting at $240 + Shipping

Lug Bolt Kit (5150020)

Universal Lug Bolt Flange Kit with Caliper

The specially designed lug-bolt adapters balance wheels far more accurately than a cone used by itself, resulting in a smooth, vibration-free drive. Includes flange plate kit and measuring caliper.

Starting at $720 + Shipping

Truck Adapter Package (5150161)

Truck Adapter Package (32 pc) / Fits RL-8500 & RL-8500XLT

The RL-8500 truck adapter package upgrades your RL-8500 brake lathe into a fantastically versatile truck servicing dynamo. This super-duty, brake lathe truck adapter package consists of an upgraded 1-7/8" arbor and a wide variety of adapters.

Starting at $1340 + Shipping

Light-Medium Truck Set (5150171)

Light-Medium Truck Set (3 pc) / Fits RL-8500 and RL-8500XLT

Set of three light and medium truck adapters to increase brake lathing performance and brake component mounting capacity. Lathe drums and rotors to smooth, micro-finished perfection like never before, even on light and medium trucks.

Starting at $145 + Shipping

Rotor Silencer (5326331)

Friction Rotor Silencer / Fits RL-8500 and RL-8500XLT

Ranger rotor silencer bands significantly reduce the noise output of your brake lathe and enhance the functionality of your brake lathe. Fits RL-8500 and RL-8500XLT.

Starting at $185 + Shipping

Clip-On Silencer (5150048)

Clip-On Rotor Silencer / Fits RL-8500 and RL-8500XLT

Use a Ranger clip-on rotor silencer for added durability and convenience in all brake lathe operations.

Starting at $45 + Shipping

Cutting Tips (5150099)

10-Piece Positive-Rake Carbide Cutting Tips with 2 Screws / Fits RL-8500 and RL-8500XLT

Ranger offers 6-sided carbide cuttings tips for optimal precision, durability and resurfacing.

Starting at $45 + Shipping