Jimmy Oaks

It begins with an incredible idea. Building a modified car is about dreaming of and achieving ideas placed to a metal canvas. Although each car enthusiast has their own general theme of cars that they gravitate to, each one shares this same common bond. And this is basically what a car enthusiast is; a dreamer and achiever. For some, the goals are all about the mechanical performance enhancements with turbos, special engines, exhaust, and more. For another segment of the car enthusiast’s world it is the look of wheels and tires, special paint treatments, and still for some it is the performance and the looks combined.

Jimmy Oakes YouTuber on BendPak

Realizing the achieving side of the car enthusiast’s equation requires ultimate time management, skill, the right tools, auto lifts, and shop equipment that complement the ongoing vision. Jimmy Oakes of YouTube fame is one car enthusiast/builder who successfully connects the dots from beginning to end. He is a dreamer and achiever all wrapped into one. Better yet, think of him as an overachiever. Simply check out his very successful channel JimmyOakes on YouTube. Oakes’ daily mission is to insanely increase the performance and appearance of each car in his shop to a point most others would not dare to venture. Plus, while always making sure everyone is having lots of fun. What does he use to access and accomplish these feats? Jimmy Oakes uses BendPak auto lifts and shop equipment products.

Jimmy Oakes with Car on XPR-10XLS

Since Oakes’ garage is such a busy place with all types of mechanical operations in full swing, he opted for a total of 3 BendPak lifts; one 4-post and two different 2-post lifts, plus a BendPak Ranger Tire Changer. The 4-post lift he installed is a BendPak HD-7P, and it is built to lift 7,000 lbs. These well-engineered lifts work great in shops where the working area may be narrower or if you simply want to have as much room as possible along the side of your lift. Since it is a four-post it features runways to park the vehicle on. The runways measure 164” in length, so it is very adequate for most any wheelbase. Driving up and onto the runways is simple because the two ramps feature traction-improving, durable matte finish. This feature comes in handy, especially when the garage floor leading up to the ramps is wet and slippery. Or if you are piloting Oakes’ E36 Turbocharged BMW with over 550 rear wheel horses up the lift’s runways.

Check Out BendPak’s HD-7P Benefits:

  • 7,000-lb. maximum lifting capacity
  • Runway Parking
  • Runways feature a durable matte finish
  • Wide drive-thru with tall lifting height and short runways
  • Adjustable lock ladders
  • Integrated design
  • Low deck runways
  • Longer approach ramps

With the HD-7P’s 7,000-lb. capacity, four-post lift configuration, it is well equipped to lift just about anything that rolls into Jimmy Oakes’ shop. For example, most late-model full-size cars weigh under 5,000 lb. With HD-7P’s large lifting capability, there is plenty of power to lift most vehicles. And since the HD-7P is compactly designed, there is more room to work around the shop for other duties. BendPak’s HD-7P 4-post can also be used for vehicle storage (with a vehicle parked on the HD-7P’s runways raised up above the ground) while freeing up the below floor space. In other words, BendPak’s HD-7P 4-post basically doubles your parking capacity for the same garage footprint. Think of it as a big closet-organizer for your garage.

BendPak’s HD-7P, Features:

  • Dependable design
  • Dual-hub wire sheaves
  • Runways include rail-kit for optional accessories
  • Electric/hydraulic power system
  • Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway
  • Internal anti-sway slider blocks in each column
  • Oversized self-lubricating cable rollers
  • Features heavy-duty 3/8” aircraft cable
  • Large baseplates 10 x 12 inches
  • Optional caster kit
  • Rugged 1.25” roller axles
  • Multi-position safety locks in each column
  • Push-button pneumatic safety release
  • Optional 4,500-lb. capacity rolling jack available

BendPak’s HD-7P, Specs:

  • Min. Runway Height: 4.5” (114 mm)
  • Max Rise: 82” (2,083 mm)
  • Max Lifting Height: 86.5” (2,197 mm)
  • Overall Width: 100.25” (2,546 mm)
  • Outside Length 174” (4,420 mm)
  • Overall Length: 200” (5,080 mm)
  • Height of Columns: 100” (2,540 mm)
  • Width between Columns: 90.25” (2,292 mm)
  • Drive thru Clearance: 76.5” (1,943 mm)
  • Runway Width: 19” (483 mm)
  • Length of Runways: 164” (4,166 mm)
  • Width between Runways: 37.5” (953 mm)
  • Locking Positions: 15
  • Lock Spacing: Every 4”/102 mm
  • Power Unit Motor: 220 VAC/60Hz 1 Ph
  • Time to full rise 35 seconds
  • Noise: 45 db
  • Shipping Weight: 1,803 lbs. (817.8 kg)
  • Dimensions: 168” x 22” x 35” (4,267 mm x 559 mm x 889 mm)

BendPak’s HD-7P four post auto lift provides much of the useful working access that Jimmy Oakes relies on while modifying or repairing his stable of cars. Spend just a few minutes on Jimmy Oakes YouTube channel and you will quickly see him adding huge power, encountering and resolving mishaps, and then continuing on course until his work is completed.

With BendPak’s HD-7P’s 7,000 lb. lifting ability and lengthy runways, Oakes has the ability to remove transmissions, exhaust systems, and much more. If wheels-free access is needed, it is no problem. Simply choose BendPak’s optional 4,500-lb. capacity rolling jack (Model RJ-45) and add the needed lifting versatility. BendPak’s HD-7P four post auto lift began as an amazing idea, and now it helps car enthusiasts like Jimmy Oakes on YouTube achieve dreams.

Jimmy Oakes On Lift Near XPR-10XLS-LP

BendPak’s GrandPrix GP-7, 2-post lift- Jimmy Oakes Free wheel under car access, 7,000-lb. Lift capacity, 150 “Height, 125” Width, 74” Rise

With the variety of cool modification Jimmy Oakes spends his day accomplishing, he needed a variety of lifts to meet diverse challenges. During his fast-paced days, he frequently needs the quick capabilities of a 2-post lift to allow complete under car access everywhere. The 2-post lift that Oakes chose to do this with is BendPak’s GrandPrix GP-7. This is because BendPak’s GrandPrix Series GP-7 offers an easy vehicle racking solution when his jobs require that full under-car access in a hurry. The GP-7, 2-post like BendPak’s HD-7P 4-post has, also features a 7,000 lb. lifting capacity. With his BendPak GP-7 2-post lift, Oakes finds it perfect for accessing brakes, suspension, and other components when they need to be inspected, repaired, or modified. BendPak’s GP-7 2-post lift is also compactly designed to work well under 13’ ceilings, while providing a 78” rise above the floor.

Check Out BendPak’s GrandPrix Series GP-7, 2-Post Lift Benefits: :

  • 7,000-lb lifting capacity
  • Provides wheels-free access
  • Telescoping Low-Pro arms for sports cars
  • Bi-metric asymmetric and symmetric arm configuration
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Single release-point operation
  • Taller lift carriages

BendPak’s GrandPrix GP-7 2-post lift Features:

  • Features 4 Lifting Cables-(2) redundant safety cables
  • Slim lift profile
  • Dependable design
  • Lowered arm tube supports
  • Automatic safety locks
  • Multiple lock positions
  • Single hidden overhead hydraulic cylinder
  • Compact sized columns
  • Compact sized columns

BendPak’s GrandPrix GP-7, 2-post lift Specs:

  • Rise: 74” (1,880 mm)
  • Rise + Pad Only: 78” (1,981 mm)
  • Rise + Pad+ 63 mm Adapter: 86.5” (2,197 mm)
  • Min. Height + Pad: 4.5” (114 mm)
  • Height Overall: 150” (3,810 mm)
  • Width Overall: 125” (3,175 mm)
  • Outside Columns: 119.5” (3,035 mm)
  • Inside Columns: 110” (2,794mm)
  • Drive Thru Clearance: 89.5” (2,273 mm)
  • Floor to Overhead Switch: 140” (3,556 mm)
  • Front Arm Reach: (MIN) 26” (660 mm)
  • Front Arm Reach: (Max) 42” (1,067 mm)
  • Rear Arm Reach: (Min) 28” (711 mm)
  • Rear Arm Reach: (MAX) 47.5” (1,207 mm)
  • Max Load Per Arm: 1,750 lbs. (794 kg)
  • Time to Full Rise: 55 seconds
  • Power Unit Motor: 220 VAC/60Hz/1Ph
  • Noise: 45 dB
  • Shipping Weight: 1,470 lbs. (666.7 kg)
  • Dimensions: 148'' x 24'' x 31'' (3,759 mm x 609 mm x 787 mm)

BendPak XPR-10XLS-LP + Low-Profile Arms installed in WIDE CONFIGURATION:
157” Height, 145” Width, 75” Rise, 10,000 lb. Capacity/Symmetric/Adjustable Width/ Screw Pads/High Rise

The motto “there is strength in numbers” is definitely true when it comes to BendPak’s 2-post lifts. When Jimmy Oakes’ shop required a stouter 2-post lift that easily raises a hefty 10,000 lbs., goes higher than standard XPR lifts, and includes low-profile lift arms, what did he choose? Oakes turned to a BendPak XPR-10XLS-LP. This one is a symmetric/high-rise and offers lots of extreme numbers when Oakes is working on something that is sized from compact to big and huge. Plus the XPR-10XLS-LP can safely raise vehicles to a total of 75” high (that is 6” more than a standard XPR), and the optional low-profile arms (LP) can sneak below lowered cars to carefully and safely reach frame lift points. The top beam on this model is adjustable to 2 width settings (132” or 145”) so that you can adjust to whichever is better for your shop and vehicle dimensions. Oakes chose the wide configuration for his large shop, but if you have limited space constraints, it is nice to know that you can chose the size that works best in your setting.

BendPak’s XPR-10XLS-LP 2-post lift FEATURES:

  • 10,000‐lb. lifting capacity
  • Expandable top beam accommodates wide or narrow configuration
  • Double‐telescoping screw pads offer increased versatility
  • Padded overhead safety shutoff bar
  • Single‐piece columns
  • Dual hydraulic direct‐drive cylinders
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Lowered arm tube supports
  • Maintenance-free UHMW load bearings
  • Oversized 59" tall carriage for superior strength and durability
  • Electric/hydraulic power system
  • Large, 17" x 19" A36 steel base plate
  • Self‐lubricating dura‐glide UHMW polyethylene bearing system
  • Single‐point safety release
  • Safety locks in each column spaced every 3"
  • Automatic overhead shutoff
  • Plated arm restraints and arm pins for rust prevention
  • Heavy‐duty 1/2" aircraft‐quality equalizer cables
  • Oversized cable sheave diameter reduces cable fatigue
  • 4‐piece 63 mm stackable adapter set comes standard
  • ALI Certified

BendPak’s XPR-10XLS-LP + Low-Profile Arms SPECS:

  • Rise: 75” (1,905 mm)
  • Rise + Pad Only: 79.75” (2,026 mm)
  • Rise + Pad+ 63 mm Adapter: 82.25” (2,089 mm)
  • Min. Height + Pad: 4.75” (121 mm)
  • Height Overall: 157” (3,988 mm)
  • Width Overall: 132” (3,353 mm) or 145” (3,683 mm)
  • Outside columns: 126.75” (3,219 mm) or 139.75” (3,550 mm)
  • Inside Columns: 105.5” (2,680 mm) or 118.5” (3,010 mm)
  • Drive-Thru clearance: 93” (2,362 mm) or 106” (2,692 mm)
  • Floor to Overhead Switch: 147” (3,734 mm)
  • Front Arm Reach: (MIN) 25.5” (648 mm)
  • Front Arm Reach: (Max) 49.5” (1,257 mm)
  • Rear Arm Reach: (Min) 32.25” (819 mm)
  • Rear Arm Reach: (MAX) 52.5” (1,334 mm)
  • Max Load Per Arm: 2,500 lbs. (1,134 kg)
  • Time to Full Rise: 50 seconds
  • Power Unit Motor: 220 VAC/60Hz/1Ph
  • Noise: 45 dB
  • Shipping Weight: 1,470 lbs. (666.7 kg)
  • Dimensions: 148'' x 24'' x 31'' (3,759 mm x 609 mm x 787 mm)

Jimmy Oakes With R745 Tire Changer

BendPak’s Ranger R745 Tire Changer/Swing Arm/ 21” Capacity-Jimmy Oakes

With the variety of tires, wheels, suspension, brakes, and chassis modifications that Jimmy Oakes is always performing, he decided to equip his shop with its own tire machine. This way he isn’t spending hours on end running over to the tire store. And better yet, when it’s late at night he is equipped to install new rubber-on his schedule. To do this, he chose a BendPak Ranger R745 Tire Changer.

BendPak’s Ranger R745 Tire Changer is a handy swing-arm design that operates on either 110V or 220V. Oakes finds the R745’s large turntable very useful with its internal clamping capacity of 21” and external clamping capacity (width) of 18”. Low-profile tires with short sidewalls are no problem with Ranger’s advanced and well-designed bead breaker. Operating the machine is easy with well positioned and rugged forged steel foot pedals. No cast iron stuff here that can eventually fatigue and break off from heavy use. And all the extras come standard. Items like soap buckets, brush, tire irons, turntable jaw covers, and more. As with all of BendPak’s equipment; some of its best features are that it is always ready to work and is a real timesaver when you are working to achieve your dreams.

BendPak Ranger R745 Tire Changer’s Features:

  • Inflation gauge with integrated air dump valve: standard/pistol type
  • Water filter
  • Oiler/lubricator
  • Air regulator
  • Breaker bar
  • Large soap/lubricator bucket
  • Brush
  • Traveling drop-center hold down device
  • Inflation restraint device
  • Tool tray/bin storage
  • Motorcycle turntable clamps (optional)

BendPak Ranger R745 Tire Changer’s Specifications:

  • Air Requirement 110-175 PSI (8-12 BAR)
  • Wheel Clamping Method 4 Clamps - Internal/External
  • Table Clamping System Dual Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Bead Breaking System Pneumatic Blade Tower Design Fixed
  • Internal Rim Clamping Capacity 12” – 21” (304 mm - 533 mm)
  • External Rim Clamping Capacity 10” – 18” (254 mm - 457 mm)
  • Turntable Tire Width Capacity (Mounting) 5” – 12” (127 mm – 305 mm)
  • Bead Breaker Tire Width Capacity (Demounting) 3” – 11” (76 mm – 279 mm)
  • Maximum Tire Diameter 39” (991 mm)
  • Shipping Weight 486 lbs. (220 kg)
  • Motor 110 or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph