Questions about Hydraulic Power Units?

Every power unit that is manufactured in a Ranger Products facility is designed to mount on an automotive lift and stay there for the entire lifespan of that lift. That means whichever hydraulic power pack you go with, you’re going to be using it for a long time. We’ve worked to find the "sweet spot" between overloading you with too many options and shortchanging you with a one-size-fits-all approach. So, we designed our power units to fit on a variety of car lifts. We always recommend looking at the models we offer and talking with one of our trained sales representatives before you buy an individual unit.

For instance, the E0.8B8F1 hydraulic power unit is a little smaller, making it better-suited for many low-rise lifts. But, it can also mount to some of our two-post lifts. A larger hydraulic power pack might put a little more zip in your lift, but how much you value that extra speed is up to you. It’s hard to tell you exactly how each individual power unit is best for you until we know exactly which lift(s) you want, as well as your power capabilities. Call us and we’ll guide you through it.

E0.8B8F1 Power Unit (5585315)

1.6 Gal Reservoir, 1900 PRV, 1.5 HP Motor, 110-230V / 50-60 Hz / 1 Ph, UL/ETL Listed

This hydraulic power unit is suitable for many lifting applications, but it was specifically designed for low-rise lifts. The 1.6-gallon oil reservoir is small but far from puny. In fact, low-rise scissor lifts are a popular choice for both commercial and home garages due to their versatility. The E0.8B8F1 hydraulic power delivers reliably every time you call on it.

Starting at $385 + FREE SHIPPING!

E1.2B3F1 Power Unit (5585435)

1.6 Gal Reservoir, 2500 PRV, 1.5 HP Motor, 110-230V / 50-60 Hz / 1 Ph, CE Approved

If you’re looking for a hydraulic power unit with a compact tank that still offers enough juice to lift a 10,000-lb. truck or SUV, you’re in the right place. The E1.2B3F1 hydraulic power pack is designed with a generous 2500 PRV, which means the unit can handle higher hydraulic pressure in the unlikely event that the fluid back-pressure exceeds normal operating conditions.

Starting at $345 + FREE SHIPPING!

E2.1F3H1 Power Unit (5585285)

3.6 Gal Reservoir, 2650 PRV, 2.5 HP Motor, 208-230V / 50-60 Hz / 1 Ph, UL/ETL Listed

This hydraulic power unit exists solely to get your vehicle lifted fast. The rugged 2.5 HP motor accompanies an increased 3.6-gallon tank, all of which provide an extra boost of power. Low-rise car lifts will zip up to their max extension at incredible speeds; likewise, this unit is made to handle full-size two-post and four-post lifts without breaking a sweat.

Starting at $425 + FREE SHIPPING!

F2.1F3H1 Power Unit (5585280)

3.6 Gal Reservoir, 2850 PRV, 2.5 HP Motor, 208-230V / 50-60 Hz / 1 Ph, UL/ETL Listed

While all of our hydraulic power units are powerful, this one has a slight variation that best suits some of our customers’ needs: its 3.6-gallon tank and 2.5 HP motor is accompanied by a pressure relief valve with an extra-high threshold of 2,850 psi.

Starting at $425 + FREE SHIPPING!

F3.2G3H1 Power Unit (5585325)

4.2 Gal Reservoir, 2650 PRV, 2.5 HP Motor, 208-230V / 50-60 Hz / 1 Ph, UL/ETL Listed

A large, 4.2-gallon tank, 2.5 HP single-phase motor and 2,650 psi threshold on the pressure relief valve make for an incredibly versatile hydraulic power unit capable of servicing almost every car lift we make.

Starting at $450 + FREE SHIPPING!

E3.7K3H2 Power Unit (5585320)

8.5 Gal Reservoir, 2400 PRV, 2.5 HP Motor, 208-230V / 50-60 Hz / 1 Ph, UL/ETL Listed

In our five-decade history, we have gained unrivaled knowledge of hydraulic power unit design, and the result has been a series of high-performance hydraulic power packs designed to handle the heaviest applications.

Starting at $490 + FREE SHIPPING!

Quality... No Matter What

Hydraulic Power Units for Car Lifts

Regardless of which hydraulic power unit you purchase, you’re getting the same excellent quality that you can expect from Ranger. We like to point out that weather and garage conditions will never be a factor: each hydraulic power pack is capable of operating in​ 13–175°F. All motors are enclosed in a case that protects against dirt and debris, humidity, chemical erosion, weeping transmission fluid, oil spills and whatever other dangerous contaminants might harm your investment.

These hydraulic power units feature a variety of tank sizes and single-phase motors, all of which are easily mounted on your automotive lift post columns for easy access and safe, ergonomic control. Pressure relief valves prevent hydraulic fluid from building up and causing serious damage to your operation, and each valve is manufactured meticulously to perform as advertised. We earn our safety certifications by never cutting corners, whether it’s a hydraulic power unit, car lift or any piece of shop equipment in our product line. Every single hydraulic power pack we offer is UL Recognized and CSA Certified.

Our Warranties Don't Lie

To get a sense of the quality you’re getting, look at the warranty. Ranger hydraulic power units come with a one-year comprehensive warranty on all parts, labor and shipping-related costs. We’re also confident that you may never need maintenance on any part of your hydraulic power pack for many years to come. They’re literally built like little tanks (not to mention, they all come equipped with sturdy tanks).