BendPak's QuickJack Portable Car Lift Offers Power, Freedom

QuickJack is the world's first and only portable car lift to truly meet the needs of wrenchers and professional techs in any situation. The independent frames offer an open-center experience that no other portable unit comes close to matching. Rise and descent are controlled by a proprietary flow divider thatensures the frames remain level at all times. Each frame is outfitted with automatic mechanical locks, so once your vehicle is lifted, there's virtually zero chance of vehicle slippage or lock failure.

BL-3500SLX (5175196)

3,500-lb. Capacity / 20" Maximum Rise / 3" Lowered Height / 62" Frame Length

The BL-3500SLX is the ultimate small car and track portable lift. This is the portable car lift that started them all. Super lightweight, easy to roll or even carry, this unit is ideal for small-wheelbase cars in the garage or taken out for track day.

Starting at $1125 + FREE SHIPPING!

BL-5000SLX (5175376)

5,000-lb. Capacity / 21" Maximum Rise / 3" Lowered Height / 70" Frame Length

The BL-5000SLX is arguably our most versatile and popular portable car lift model. Its impressive lift point spread, incredible safety features and 5,000-lb. lift capacity are perfect for many vehicle types and sizes.

Starting at $1340 + FREE SHIPPING!

BL-5000EXT (5175217)

5,000-lb. Capacity / 21" Maximum Rise / 3" Lowered Height / 75" Frame Length

Made for long wheelbases, the BL-5000EXT is our 5,000-lb. capacity extended-length QuickJack model. The frames are 6" longer and offer 6 more inches of reach to let you safely contact your vehicle's OEM jack points.

Starting at $1395 + FREE SHIPPING!

BL-7000SLX (5175380)

7,000-lb. Capacity / 21" Maximum Rise / 3.5" Lowered Height / 71" Frame Length

For the ultimate combination of lifting power and portable convenience, there's no besting the BL-7000SLX. Light trucks and SUVs are easily supported with this reinforced frame design.

Starting at $1490 + FREE SHIPPING!

BL-7000EXT (5175218)

7,000-lb. Capacity / 21" Maximum Rise / 3.5" Lowered Height / 76" Frame Length

For more lift capacity and lift point reach than any QuickJack model we make, there's no substitute for the BL-7000EXT. Its reinforced frame offers 7,000 lbs. of reliable lift and a lifetime of enjoyment servicing longer light-duty trucks, SUVs, older-model beasts and anything else with a long wheelbase.

Starting at $1545 + FREE SHIPPING!

A host of other features ensure QuickJack is unlike any other lift.

Built-in Urethane Wheels

Urethane is the ideal material for rollers because it's hard enough to withstand heavy abuse, but soft enough not to scratch or mar your flooring. QuickJack is safe to roll across concrete, asphalt, race/garage tiling and most other flooring found in auto bays and home garages.

QuickJack Portable Caster Wheels

Extended Block Trays

Stackable rubber blocks can be adjusted to a wide range of lift point spreads. QuickJack engages vehicles' manufacturer-recommended lift points, so we offer a variety of models and weight classes for your convenience. The rubber blocks can be positioned anywhere in the lift tray.

Extended Block Trays QuickJack

Quick-Connect Fittings

Zero-leak fittings connect the frames to the power unit. The hoses can be disconnected once the lift is raised and locked. This great feature lets you work without hoses interfering with your workspace, and the fittings pop right back into place when you're ready to lower the lift.

QuickJack No Leak Quick-Disconnect Fittings


One-Touch Button Control

A pendant control comes equipped with two buttons: Up and Down. While the lift rises, the lock cams glide over two lock positions (lower and upper). It takes about 30 seconds to reach max rise at the upper lock. There's no simpler, safer or faster way to get a car in the air at home or the track.

Single Push-Button Controls QuickJack

110V AC or 12V DC Power

Most home and shop operators prefer the simplicity of the 110V power unit. However, some wrenchers go to the track or like to work on-the-go. We offer a 12V unit that runs off a portable battery pack or car battery. Choose the best option for you! International voltages are available.

QuickJack Hydraulic Power Unit

No More Jack Stands!

QuickJack offers far more surface area than jack stands, substantially increasing its stability compared to old-fashioned stands. The self-locking bars do the work of those stands—and everyone agrees, this portable car lift does it better.

QuickJack Portable Car Lift for the Home Garage