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Chicago Auto Pros loves their BendPak MD-6XP Mid-Rise Lift; and it is PORTABLE

The Difference is in the Details

You’ll wish you had one sooner. Truth is BendPak’s Mid-Rise MD-6XP portable lifts offer benefits that go way beyond vehicle repairs. Just ask Greg Natonson and Jason Otterness, co-owners of Chicago Auto Pros and Detailing. Their crew spends 10 plus hours a day cleaning, buffing, and waxing all the dirt, grime, salt, and road tar that Chicago’s roads can dish out. Their team can tell you that a BendPak Mid-Rise MD-6XP lift is a great tool for improving auto detailing angles and increasing access to difficult to reach auto body panels.

Chicago Auto Pros Detailing On BendPak MD-6XP


Otterness finds that their BendPak Mid-Rise MD-6XP portable lift is one of his shop’s most useful tools. It allows him and his crew to raise vehicles almost 4 feet above the ground, thus allowing them to color sand, buff, wash, and wax, side and lower body panels at improved 90-degree angles. With this better access there is no crouching or laying upside down on the ground to buff and clean with varying results. No inventing a floor jack and mixture of jack stands arrangement. With BendPak’s MD-6XP Mid-Rise lift and its 6,000-lb. lifting capacity, you also have easy wheel area access (for all 4 tires at the same time) to make each detail job look completely astonishing from top to bottom, inside and out. Just raise the entire car to the best working height. No more one-wheel-at-a-time jobs.

Chicago Auto Pros moving car lift to different shop bay

Locking Heights, 3 Stage Safety Mechanism

  • Fully Lowered, 4.75"
  • 1st Lock, 23”
  • 2nd lock, 33.75”
  • 3rd lock, 42.5”
  • Full rise, 47”

Since BendPak’s MD-6XP Mid-Rise lifts are portable, you can simply hook the lift up to the accompanying dolly (when not in use), and move the lift to any other suitable area that works best in your shop. Maybe to an area where the lighting is better or where the vehicle being detailed can be in a cleaner and out of the way area away from other nearby elements that can be making the car dirty. While BendPak’s MD-6XP Mid-Rise lifts Power Unit operates on standard 110V, you should have a choice of nearby plug-in areas. Your work can consistently be top-notch.

Detailing On The BendPak MD-6XP Car Lift

With the use of their BendPak MD-6XP Mid-Rise Lift, Chicago Auto Pros has earned quite a reputation performing shining magic on hundreds of cars. Besides all of the most technologically advanced cleaning and buffing products available today, they understand that access and working angles are key to properly polishing and waxing paint surfaces. And Otterness knows that a huge amount of pride goes into each car that his team details. Chicago Auto Pros approaches each detailing job as a relationship with the customer. This way, they are able to learn about and implement the customer’s expectations with each auto detail job. Natonson and Otterness call it “Detailing Done Right”.

That focus on personalizing each auto detail job is partly why so many detail shops now perform much more than the wash-and-wax days of yesteryear. A BendPak MD-6XP Mid-Rise Lift allows them to hone those desires with a platform to provide services like Paintless Dent Repair, Undercarriage Washing and Detailing, Vinyl Wrapping, Ceramic Coating operations, and much more. The lift’s 4 lifting arms are adjustable and higher truck adapter pads are included. And with the ability to rise to 4 heights, inspecting surfaces with special lights to view and correct paint flaws can be accomplished more precisely. This is because BendPak’s MD-6XP Mid-Rise lift allows you to consistently control the car’s height to a suitable working angle, instead of leaning or laying down along side of it.

BendPak’s MD-6XP Mid-Rise Lift offers a long list of Benefits:

  • Allows improved 90-degree working angles for vehicle detailing
  • 6,000 lb. lifting capacity
  • The MD-6XP Mid-Rise Lift is Portable
  • Easy undercarriage cleaning and detailing
  • Raises vehicles for more accurate paint surface inspections
  • Safer use, no jack stands or floor jacks needed
  • Undercarriage rust can be located, repaired, repainted, or undercoated
  • Wheel well areas can be detailed
  • Disc brake calipers and/or brake drums can be cleaned and repainted
  • Wheels can be removed all at once to detail and coat rims
  • Operates on 110V
  • Labor time becomes more efficient
  • Fast and efficient operation
  • Safety lock bar with multiple lock positions
  • Truck adapters included free of charge
  • Adjustable arm assemblies
  • Portable motor cart serves as tow handle to easily move lift from bay to bay

Chicago Auto Pros loves the many benefits of their BendPak MD-6XP Mid-Rise lift and their customers love the results. We think you will too. With a BendPak MD-6XP Mid-Rise lift, everything from detailing operations to vehicle repair and maintenance is directed toward exceeding expectations. Those are details that make a difference.