Itsjusta6: The Creator of Horsepower

Gavin Simon the creator of Itsjusta6 (a popular YouTube channel), has certainly caught our attention. The team at Itsjusta6 is all about the modifications, and with over $100,000 in modifications on his 1,000hp Mustang alone, there has been plenty to do. If you’re into upbeat videos from a true car-junky’s perspective, Itsjusta6 will have everything you need.

itsjusta6 on YouTube with a BendPak two-post lift

At Itsjusta6 they don’t just modify cars and problem-solve issues. They race them too. Every car he gets is built for speed, and they are put to the test. With a playlist dedicated solely to the cars that have “blown up,” with Itsjusta6 you never know what kind of episode you’re going to get next.

Gavin and his friends don’t just mess around with cars as a hobby, it’s their life. With any one of his cars you can expect a whole lot of horsepower, and just the right amount of special features. And with a brand new shop fully furnished with BendPak’s two-post and four-post lifts, as well as two of our ​rolling ​bridge ​jack​s, the insanity will only continue.

Itsjusta6 is a proud BendPak car lift owner

Featured in the video below, Itsjusta6 recently had the XPR-10AS-LP​ two-post lift and the HDS-14 four-post lift installed in their brand new shop. The weight capacity of these two lifts sits at 10,000 and 14,000 lbs. respectively, making their operation now suitable for the biggest cars and trucks around. They also received two RBJ7000 rolling bridge jacks—the ideal addition to the popular HDS-14, allowing them to perform tricky tire and brake repairs with ease. With all of these new additions Itsjusta6 has a bright and supercharged future ahead of them.