Carts and Dollies Let You Roll with Ranger

When you're dealing with heavy-duty vehicle parts, components and equipment commonly found in a service garage, you need to make sure that you protect yourself and your property from strain or injury. Let Ranger Products lighten the load with our considerable line of high-quality rolling equipment. All Ranger carts and dollies are made from high-gauge steel and employ only the best casters for easy maneuvering. Our service carts, chassis-mount vehicle dollies, low-profile automobile carts come fully equipped to make your day in the garage infinitely easier.

The Ranger RCD-1TD consists of a pair of low-profile automobile carts designed to easily shuttle a combined 2,000 lbs. around your shop or garage. Boats, cars and trucks are no problem for Ranger RCD-1TD auto carts. And if you need to move more than a ton, just add a second pair to the mix for a maximum capacity of 4,000 lbs.

For moving whole vehicles, the chassis-mount Ranger RCD-2V Vehicle Dolly is the preferred heavy-duty roller among automotive professionals. With this beefy dolly, you’re free to move disassembled drive trains, chassis or bodies wherever needed, ultimately freeing up work bays to accommodate more projects.

RST-1WS (5150514)

Rolling Work Seat

This padded rolling work seat features an under-seat tray. Maximum comfort, maximum convenience.

Starting at $50 + FREE SHIPPING!

RCD-1TD (5150190)

Wheel Dolly Auto Carts

Sold as a pair, these heavy-duty steel auto dollies move disabled vehicles wherever you want them.

Starting at $130 + FREE SHIPPING!

RCD-2V (5150409)

4,400-lb. Capacity Vehicle Dolly

The RCD-2V specializes in moving disabled or immobile vehicles, so free up your work bays with this chassis-mount vehicle dolly. Heavy-duty 4.5” nylon casters feature lockable swivel casters with precision ball bearings for effortless mobility, even across air hoses and uneven floor surfaces.

Starting at $240 + FREE SHIPPING!

RCD-1500 GoCart (5150595)

1,500-lb. Capacity GoCart Car Dollies - 12" Tire Width / 28" Tire Diameter (Sold as Pair)

Hydraulic car dolly and wheel lift Go-Cart vehicle positioning jacks allow one person to effortlessly move autos, trucks, boats, trailers, lawn mowers / tractors, jet skis, motorcycles, airplanes and other wheeled and recreational vehicles.

Starting at $260 + FREE SHIPPING!

RCD-1500EX (5150191)

1,500-lb. Capacity GoCart™ Car Dollies / Jumbo / 13" Tire Width / 39" Tire Diameter (Sold as Pair)

The extended-length GoCart is ideal for larger, wider tires. The RCD-1500EX supports tires up to 13” wide and 39” in diameter. Ideal for many light-duty trucks and SUVs.

Starting at $290 + FREE SHIPPING!

RCD-1500 Stand (5150600)

GoCart Storage Stand / Stores Four Units / Fits RCD-1500 / RCD-1500EX Models

The GoCart stow-and-go mobile storage rack is the perfect place to keep your GoCart mobile wheel jacks. Four dollies fit in this stand.

Starting at $95 + FREE SHIPPING!