We're not sure what it means to be "living life on the goon side," so you'll have to ask the boys about their motto to get an answer on that. But, if you can catch a feel for what it might be, you'll probably be into the Goonzquad channel. These guys are hardcore builders, and they document dozens of car projects, start-to-finish.

Their laser focus keeps this channel engaging through each and every episode. You know that part 15 of a project is going to follow right where part 14 left off, and that continues until the car is loud enough, fast enough and mean enough. Then it's onto the next one. Every project is built for speed, noise and pure, raw power.

Whether it’s a trip to the local hardware store to pick up a new car battery, or a brand new exhaust system that takes weeks to arrive in the mail, if you want to see auction cars and left-for-dead muscle cars come back to life, you’re going on a journey with this crew. They’ll take the camera with them almost everywhere, as long as it’s related to their garage projects. This isn’t a “lifestyle” vlog in the sense that they don’t really veer off-topic or take you into their personal lives. If you’re just in it for the cars, you’ll love what they deliver.

XPR-10AS Two Post Lift in the Goonzquad Garage

Somehow, we have a feeling this channel is going to catch your attention quickly. We know because once they get started on a new car, it’s really hard to look away. They’re also one of those channels that is growing rapidly, so expect to see even larger-scale productions over time.

BendPak lifts were introduced in 2019, but they had a QuickJack portable car lift for a while before that. We’re proud they keep coming back to us for new equipment, and we’re definitely glued to our screens to find out what’s next for our favorite goons.