Rob Dahm

BendPak’s GrandPrix GP-7LC

Have you noticed? The automotive world continues to evolve, rests the table, and constantly changes the rules. Many modified performance cars now boast more than 1,000 horsepower, stop from 60 mph in less than 100 feet, and make turns as if they were on rails.

Rob Dahm on YouTube

Take for instance Rob Dahm and his owner-built, Rotary-engine powered Mazda. Dahm’s turbocharged, custom 4-rotor Wankel engine delivers an astounding 1,240 horsepower. Four rotors are a big deal because most all Wankel engines are only 2 or maybe 3 rotor designs. This big engine combination allows Dahm’s RX-7 to burn rubber at each of its 4, all-wheel drive tires with astonishingly quick acceleration. Better yet, it’s ran a fender-to-fender drag race next to Ken Block’s Hoonigan (Hoonicorn) 1,400 horsepower Mustang. Dahm can tell you that getting that level of horsepower from any engine requires huge commitment and lots of time working on the car.

Rob Dahm vs Ken Block Rotary Engine

While Dahm’s days are busy utilizing those attributes to discover more horsepower, he needs an auto lift that he can depend on and one that works well in his shop’s environment. The one that serves his purpose best is called the BendPak Grand Prix GP-7LC. He chose this lift because it performs well with his shop’s vertical space constraints.

BendPak’s GrandPrix GP-7LC is specifically tailored for shops where there might be vertical limits. The two lift columns reach just 118.5” tall. With the GP-7LC’s less than 10 feet height, it is a hoist that can provide upright lifting room without the need of a standard-sized lift. The GP-7LC lifts vehicles 68” up from the ground, so you will have plenty of room to work underneath. This GP-7LC 2-post lift comes standard with automatic safety locks, telescoping arms, and much more.

Check out how excited Rob Dahm is when his lift is being delivered and installed.

BendPak’s GrandPrix GP-7LC useful features and specs make it a lift that is a team player, especially when there are limits to upward room. And it will do all of this while providing the perfect undercar access for ongoing work, maintenance, or vehicle modifications. BendPak even offers a lift that fits in shorter areas yet. It is called the GP-7LCS with columns that reach just 106.5” high.

BendPak Grand Prix GP-7LC Features and Specs: GP-7LC

  • 7,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Telescoping Low-Pro arms for sports cars
  • Bi-metric asymmetric and symmetric arm configuration
  • Lowered arm tube supports
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Single release-point operation
  • Taller lift carriages
  • Automatic safety locks
  • Single hidden hydraulic cylinder
  • (2) redundant safety cables
  • Multiple lock positions
  • Overall height 118.5”
  • Width Overall 125”
  • Rise with pad 68”
  • 220 VAC/60Hz/1PH

BendPak’s GrandPrix GP-7LC is one item that Rob Dahm is happy to work with just as it comes out of the crate. With BendPak’s reliable features such as the efficiently sized GP-7LC columns that raise the car while working under his shorter ceiling area, Dahm’s been able to reach many undercar areas to provide easier access and improved work quality. BendPak’s GrandPrix GP-7LC provides a 7,000-lb. lift capacity, while providing ample rise for access to perform major vehicle modifications. That 7,000-lb. lifting capability is more than twice what Dahm needs to raise his 3,300 lb. RX-7. These dependable lift qualities are what Dahm reliably counts on while working on and modifying his Mazda RX7.

Watch Rob Dahm’s YouTube channel and you will immediately see the excitement he has for his RX7’s progress and accomplishments. The power and performance levels he has attained from his 4 rotor Wankel engine are amazing.

At BendPak we are excited to share that excitement with Rob Dahm and to have BendPak’s GrandPrix GP-7LC 2-post always ready to help. With BendPak’s large array of car lifts and shop equipment, we’re certain we have one to fit your garage. At BendPak, we are always happy to help provide lifts and shop equipment to help you with your projects.