BendPak Two-Post Car Lifts Feature Telescoping Screw Pads


Two-Post Screw Pad AdaptersSanta Paula, California – May 2016BendPak recently unveiled an entirely new series of two-post lifts that feature two-stage telescoping screw pads. The recent total model overhaul includes other design enhancements that focus on structural integrity and design to meet and exceed ever-changing world safety standards. Their new XPR “S” series lineup, available in 9,000 and 10,000-lb. capacities, also features stackable risers that can be used in conjunction with the adjustable screw pads for even greater versatility.

These easy-to-adjust screw pad assemblies feature precision threaded receivers that drop into enlarged 60-mm holes positioned at the ends of the telescoping lifting arms found exclusively on BendPak’s latest “S” series models. Also available are 44, 63 and 125 mm stackable adapters that increase versatility even further and help speed up vehicle set-up times while better accommodating varied vehicle chassis.

12 responses to “BendPak Two-Post Car Lifts Feature Telescoping Screw Pads”

  1. mike bell writes:

    please send specs on your new lift I am interested.

  2. Fred writes:

    How much are the arm assembly’s with the screw on pads

  3. Craig writes:

    I bought a 10k lift a year ago. Will they fit my lift? Or would I need new arms?

  4. bob weskamp writes:

    can these be purchased separately and retro fit to older BendPak lifts.
    We have a lift about two years old, and could use this adjust-ability. We had a tough time lifting a Dodge Magnum a few weeks ago.

  5. Cecil Eudaly writes:

    Would these also work on the RJ45 rolling jack?

  6. tyler writes:

    Hello Mike! We would be happy to. Which model are you interested in?

  7. tyler writes:

    For the most accurate pricing, please give us a call when you get a chance at 1-800-253-2363. Thanks!

  8. tyler writes:

    You are correct, Craig. If you wanted to use the new screw pads, you would need to also swap out the arms.

  9. tyler writes:

    Hello Bob, You could use these on an older lift, but you would also need to purchase new arm assemblies.

  10. Greg McLaughlin writes:

    I would like more information about the BendPak.

  11. tyler writes:

    At this time, they are not available for any of the Rolling Bridge Jacks. Great suggestion though!

  12. tyler writes:

    Sounds great, Greg! If you would like to give us a call, we would be happy to walk you through several options to meet your needs. Our toll-free number is 1-800-253-2363. Thanks!

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