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Your car looks great, has plenty of power, but every so often it stalls and no one seems to be able to find the cause. Discovering the solution to a car’s problem takes skill, experience, a large dose of magic, and a helpful BendPak car lift to survey the problem. Tenured automotive technicians can tell you stories about how they discovered a car’s problem. One such occurrence was found after putting an intermittently stalling car up on a lift, then draining and removing the fuel tank for a closer inspection.

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The sporadic stalling problem turned out to be a floating part-number label, found inside the fuel tank. While driving it would drift at random to the in-tank fuel pump and obstruct gasoline flow. Then with the car stalled and parked, the paper label would float away from the pump’s pickup, and the car would perfectly restart. The fix was simple. With the fuel tank out of the car, remove the paper label and toss it in the nearest trash can. How the label got inside the fuel tank originally was a mystery, but finding it took some magic; like the magical David Long aka The Car Wizard of Omega Auto Clinic in Newton, Kansas has.

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David has heard of and lived these types of troubleshooting stories for more than 20 years. While repairing cars in the Wichita area he knows that one of the foremost tools to working on or diagnosing vehicles is having the best car lift to access and fix what’s wrong. Just like a doctor who needs to operate to perform surgery, an automotive technician or Car Wizard needs to be able to remedy an issue with the access that is provided with a car lift.

And that’s why The Car Wizard has his shop outfitted with about as many BendPak Car Lifts as most people have shoes in their closet. During his typical day, David works on a host of vehicles; everything from Exotic Ferraris, BMW’s, Toyota Camrys, Chevrolet Malibus, SUV’s, pick-up trucks, and even a few GEO Metros. As wide-ranging as those cars may be, they still need to go on a vehicle lift for under-car access or repairs.

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David is so involved in the car world that one of his car buddies is Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage (also located near Wichita, KS). Though his collection is impressive, Hoovie’s cars are primarily the cheapest cars he can find. Therefore it makes sense that Hoovie’s Garage is mostly chasing the number of issues his bargain-basement and ridiculous rides typically come with. So it’s not unusual to find them at the Car Wizard's shop. As some say, "These car are like lost puppies to them; they follow them home." Tyler has so many cars that have followed him home, he had to install our BendPak PL-6KT six car parking lift in his own home garage.

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Both these car guys know that BendPak’s 50-plus years of continuously improving car lift design and quality makes it possible to not only gain access to vehicles for repair, but also to provide themselves and their technicians with the latest safety and useful features. With so many other problems always moving around auto repair shops each day, it’s good to know that you can always rely on BendPak car lifts to perform your duties.

Whatever you happen to love to work on, BendPak can help. With our huge variety of car lifts, we’re certain we have one to fit your garage space, shop, or hobby.

Get your BendPak and start preforming car magic!