BendPak’s XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift- Kyle Wade’s BoostedBoiz

If you’re into quick cars and the terms JDM, Import Tuner, K Swap, or Twin-Turbo really grabs your attention, chances are you follow BoostedBoiz on YouTube. BoostedBoiz’ young Kyle Wade and his buddies thrive on adding lots of turbocharged-power to just about anything with wheels; especially cars with unassuming outward appearances. They spend their days, nights, and weekends building and tweaking these utilitarian appearing vehicles often making more than 3 times the power they were ever intended to have.

BoostedBoiz with their BendPak Lift

This also includes a cool assortment of Hondas, MR2’s, 240SX Nissans, Honda-powered V6 Sand rails, and even a 1,000 horsepower turbocharged mini-van they have nicknamed ‘Rowdyssey’. And it’s not just imports. They modify domestic rides such as full-size trucks, Mustangs, Camaros, and more; everything is fair game. Building cars like this, is far more than a nationwide phenomenon. It is a worldwide one, and BoostedBoiz YouTube followers and friends from all over the globe prove that. This constantly evolving technological excitement surrounding BoostedBoiz’ free-form style has garnered more than 200 million views and nearly 1 million followers on their YouTube channel.

Because BoostedBoiz is building and testing cars through all 4 seasons, they recently decided to expand their pursuits from their homebased icy plains of Colorado to the warmer southeast; namely the sunshine state of Florida. In other words, somewhere where they would not need to be concerned with frozen roads. Now they have the ever-warmer, climatic stability to thrash on their automotive creations year-round. But once on-seen in Florida, BoostedBoiz quickly noticed that their most recent digs had huge shop-square footage, and likewise a huge need for a vehicle lift. So they reached out to BendPak to solve their dilemma. We call that solution our BendPak XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift.

Watch BoostedBoiz on YouTube receive his new BendPak XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift

BendPak’s XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift is specifically designed to work in shops like BoostedBoiz’, where many vehicles have their own lifting challenges. The XPR10AS-LP features low-profile (hence the “LP”), dropped-end frame contact pads that are ideal for use on customized vehicles with lower-than-stock suspensions. BoostedBoiz refers to these types of suspension modifications as “Slammed” or “Sick”. These lifting situations can be challenging and are typical for many of the vehicles that BoostedBoiz and other custom shops work on and modify. Those BendPak Low-Pro arms easily extend under the chassis to target hard-to-reach, lift points with their low-profile contact pads. This means they can also sneak beneath ground-effects found on many late-model sport sedans without bumping painted panels. And the standard triple-telescoping front arms and two-stage rear arms add even more versatility.

BendPak’s XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift also accommodates hard-to-reach lift points as the pads can be extended or retracted in almost any imaginable configuration. BoostedBoiz knows that when you are spending your days and nights adding several hundred horsepower to an engine, you really don’t have the time to stop and worry about manipulating lift arms under a chassis. BendPak’s useful lift-arm versatility allows easy placement and enables your vehicle lifting work to be worry-free.

BoostedBoiz with their BendPak Lift

BendPak's XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift let's your jobs continue uninterrupted.

Here are some of the Benefits:

  • 10,000 lb. lifting capacity
  • Wide or narrow drive-thru configuration
  • Telescoping screw pads offer increased versatility
  • Tru-Metric arm design for versatile arm positions
  • 30-degree rotated single-piece columns
  • Drop-end arms provide a lower pad height
  • Oversized 53" tall carriage for superior strength
  • 4-piece 63 mm stackable adapter set included
  • Triple-telescoping arm design
  • Versatile drop-in contact pads with stackable adapter pins

And there is more good news. BendPak’s XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift is designed with an expandable top beam so that wider or narrower vehicles can be accommodated with the same lift. Simply position and install the posts accordingly to the concrete (XPR-10 Series Lifts can be installed in a Wide or Narrow Configuration). With BendPak’s XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift the asymmetric design means you have 30-degree rotated columns. Bottom line, this means extra door-opening clearance, which also translates to easier interior car access. As well, the Tru-Metric carriage and arm design work in concert to provide the ability to load vehicles either symmetrically (centerline of vehicle at column) or asymmetrically (centerline of vehicle behind column).

Features-BendPak's XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift:

  • 10,000 lb. lifting capacity
  • Expandable top beam accommodates wide or narrow drive-thru configuration
  • Double-telescoping screw pads offer increased versatility
  • Added overhead safety shutoff bar
  • Exclusive Tru-Metric arm design for more versatile arm positioning
  • 30 degree rotated single-piece columns
  • Single-point safety release
  • Drop end arms provide a lower pad height
  • Dual hydraulic direct drive cylinders
  • Oversized 53" tall carriage for superior strength and durability
  • Electric/hydraulic power system
  • Large, 17" x 19" A36 steel base plate
  • Self-lubricating dura-glide UHMW polyethylene bearing system
  • Safety locks in each column spaced every 3"
  • Plated arm restraints and arm pins for rust prevention
  • Heavy-duty 1/2" aircraft-quality equalizer cables
  • Oversized cable sheave diameter reduces cable fatigue
  • 4-piece 63 mm stackable adapter set comes standard
  • Triple-telescoping arm design
  • Versatile drop-in contact pads with stackable adapters
  • ETL approved

Specs-BendPak's XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift:

  • Rise 69" (1,753 mm)
  • Rise + Pad Only 73" (1,854 mm)
  • Max. Lifting Height 79" (2,007 mm)
  • Min. Height + Pad 4" (102 mm)
  • Height Overall 145" (3,683 mm)
  • Width Overall 137" (3,480 mm) or 145" (3,683 mm)
  • Outside Columns 133.25" (3,386 mm) or 141.25" (3,590 mm)
  • Inside Columns 106.25" (2,700 mm) or 114.25" (2,903 mm)
  • Drive-Thru Clearance 93.75" (2,382 mm) or 101.75" (2,585 mm)
  • Front Arm Reach (MIN) 23.5" (595 mm)
  • Front Arm Reach (MAX) 43.75" (1,110 mm)
  • Rear Arm Reach (MIN) 40.25" (1,024 mm)
  • Rear Arm Reach (MAX) 58" (1,474 mm)
  • Screw Pad Adjustment 2" (51 mm)
  • Max. Load per Arm 2,500 lbs. (1,134 kg)
  • Time to Full Rise 45 seconds
  • Noise 45 dB
  • Motor 220 VAC/60 Hz/1 Ph

BoostedBoiz’ Kyle Wade will tell you that what has largely made his YouTube channel so successful is that he and his crew never give up on the time, effort, and motivation needed to make their ventures a big success. Plus they insist on always having plenty of fun. While they are busy working, they need to rely on each member of their team.

BoostedBoiz with their BendPak Lift

BendPak’s XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift is a member of that team and with its many useful features and quality, is continuously ready to perform at its best. With BendPak’s XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift, BoostedBoiz can rely on the undercar access they need for plumbing turbos, swapping engines, upgrading chassis and steering systems, and much more. As Wade knows, one of BendPak’s XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift’s best attributes is that it is well-engineered to usefully adapt to each unique lifting demand. BendPak’s XPR10AS-LP 2-post lift; it helps make what you do a big success.