The Garage Feels Empty Without a Floor Jack

Whether they're proudly doing their lifting duties or carefully tucked out of the way in a corner, our first-rate garage floor jacks will never let you down. Our impressive floor jacks are carefully designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of weight capacities and lifting applications, easily lifting virtually anything you need raised in your shop or garage.

For general purpose, day-to-day jacking, all-around solid lifters such as the RFJ-3T and RFJ-3TP garage floor jacks are both excellent choices. For shops with tight working schedules looking to maintain minimal floor to floor times, a quick-pump garage floor jacks like the RFJ-3TQP and RFJ-3000AL racing jacks are highly desirable. On the other hand, if you find yourself maintaining and repairing more than your average amount of custom, low-profile vehicles, then you'll appreciate the low ground-clearance lifting power of the RFJ-3000LPF low-profile garage floor jack or RFJ-2TX low-profile shop jack.

Finally, for super-duty, heavy lifting applications, Ranger is proud to offer the incredible RBJ-25TL air-bottle garage floor jack and the RFJ-10TL long-frame floor jack. If these incredible pieces of garage equipment don't do the job, it's time to start considering a full-size BendPak truck lift or car lift. Ranger offers nearly a dozen different floor jack models to suit your needs and lifting preferences. If a full car lift is out of the question, you can’t do better than a Ranger floor jack. Be sure to pick up a set of Ranger jack stands, and never work on or under a vehicle that isn’t secured on stands.

RBJ-30TL (5150443)

30-Ton Capacity Telescoping Air Bottle Jack

The true king of rolling floor jacks, the Ranger RBJ-30TL rules the garage floor with its mighty 60,000-lb. lifting capacity.

Starting at $990 + FREE SHIPPING!

RFJ-2TX (5150058)

2-Ton Long Reach "Euro-Style" Jack

This is a 2-ton, “Euro-style,” low-profile garage floor jack for hard-to-reach jack points. Our popular, low-profile floor jack is designed with an extended chassis, so it offers excellent leverage when jacking.

Starting at $380 + FREE SHIPPING!

RFJ-3000LPF (5150060)

1.5-Ton Capacity Super-Long Floor Jack

This 1.5-ton super-long floor jack is perfect for reaching the jacking points on most low ground-clearance vehicles.

Starting at $270 + FREE SHIPPING!

RFJ-3000AL (5150061)

1.5-Ton Aluminum Racing Floor Jack

The RFJ-3000AL is a dependable, lightweight floor jack crafted out of aircraft-grade billet aluminum. Reaches full height in just four quick pumps!

Starting at $220 + FREE SHIPPING!

RFJ-4000AL (5150085)

2-Ton Aluminum Racing Floor Jack

The Ranger RFJ-4000AL aluminum racing floor jack weighs in at just 39 lbs. but delivers heavyweight performance, optimum strength, reduced weight, less pumping effort and increased lifting speed.

Starting at $230 + FREE SHIPPING!

RFJ-6HD (5150446)

3-Ton Capacity "Low Rider" Floor Jack

The Ranger RFJ-6HD "low rider" garage floor jack effortlessly lifts 3 tons.

Starting at $255 + FREE SHIPPING!

RFJ-10TL (5150434)

10-Ton Long Frame Floor Jack

This long-chassis garage floor jack is designed for extreme lifting applications up to 20,000 lbs. It safely lifts massive vehicles 23" in the air, offering incredible space to work without strain or concern for personal safety, as well as the safety of your vehicle.

Starting at $885 + FREE SHIPPING!

RFJ-3TP (5150440)

3-Ton Floor Jack / Professional

The RFJ-3TP 3-ton professional series garage floor jack is perfectly suited for the auto shop or your home garage. Just over 19” of lift makes this a remarkably fast-lifting jack that’s perfect for fast-moving shops and private users that want a commercial-grade jack in the comfort of home.

Starting at $185 + FREE SHIPPING!

RFJ-3T (5150414)

3-Ton Floor Jack / Racing Style / Plunger-U-Joint

This 3-ton capacity super-duty garage floor jack offers a 21” max rise and low-profile design that’s perfect for professional shops and home garages. Fits most light-duty lifting applications.

Starting at $225 + FREE SHIPPING!

RFJ-3TQP (5150418)

3-Ton Floor Jack / Quick-Pump

The ultimate quick-pump garage floor jack. Lifts saddle to chassis in just one easy pump!

Starting at $205 + FREE SHIPPING!

RFJ-5000HD (5150056)

2.5-Ton Floor Jack / Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade

The Ranger RFJ-5000HD super-duty garage floor jack effortlessly lifts 2.5 tons. This impressive lift capacity doubles down with a super-low 3" collapsed pad height for optimum user convenience and lifting power.

Starting at $205 + FREE SHIPPING!