3 Tips to Finding Car Lift Reviews

Buying a garage lift is one of the biggest decisions a car owner can make. If you're looking to expand your parking capacity, you don't want something that's difficult to use or will create maintenance issues down the road. For those dedicated enough to their craft, or professionals who need to increase their maintenance and storage options, car lift reviews will help you find the right unit for your needs. But where do you go about finding these reviews? We can help with that.

1. Look at the Garage Journal

BendPak is reviewed by honest operators across the internet on a daily basis. We recommend avoiding the suppliers until you've settled on a brand. That way, you're not picking a lift out just to find the cheapest one, but really focusing on getting a quality, name brand with a great warranty, all at an affordable price. If you're interested in a BendPak four-post lift, for instance, you probably want to know what people are saying.

Garage Journal Car Forum

Go to the Garage Journal forum and type in "car lift reviews." You'll get more search results than you know what to do with. This thread, for instance, is entirely dedicated to BendPak. From there, it's up to you to ask questions and read feedback from people who were once in your shoes. The BendPak community is massive and growing bigger every day, and the people on Garage Journal love one thing almost as much as their cars, garage equipment and presumably their families: helping people make good decisions. Don't feel intimidated—just jump right in and ask around!

Note: there are plenty of car forums out there that discuss auto lifts and offer car lift reviews, but we like Garage Journal best because it isn't specific to a single vehicle make or model. Porsche owners should definitely check out Rennlist's reviews, and Corvette lovers need to see the CorvetteForum. Both are just samples of the many reviews and pieces of automotive content available on the forums.

2. Read BendPak's "A Study in Lift Design"

We did some of our own research because there's not much out there to compare lift against lift, spec for spec. So, we took our lifts and studied them side-by-side with the lifts of other brands. The results speak for themselves. Much about the quality and durability of our lifts can be seen through these images. We even include stress tests results from our FEA reports, which is something no other lift company is going to offer. We highly recommend reading this article and navigating through the different sections we provide. These are reviews conducted by BendPak, but we use objective methods, so you get the Truth about the lift(s) you purchase.

3. The ALI says, "Buyer Beware!"

ALI Certified Lift Two-Post LiftsThe Automotive Lift Institute offers a different approach to car lift reviews. They provide a list of lift manufacturers who are non-certified but often try to mislead consumers into thinking they're getting a great deal on an ALI Certified lift. That ALI page details intellectual property violations and misleading claims made by various companies. The ALI is an independent, third-party organization, and the only voice that should be given the final say on matters of car lift certification. According to them, avoid lifts from the following companies and/or websites at all costs:

ADG Services, LLC

America’s Pride


Automotive Equipment Solutions

Bayside Shop Equipment, aka Northstar Automotive Service Equipment

Canada Hydraulique Equipment Inc. – Canadian Standards Association Safety Notice

CE Mark or Unethical Practice?

DecSel Ascensores

EAE Automotive – Model EE-C18

Madhus Garage Equipment

Model TP11KAC-D


Patriot Lifts & Equipment Inc.

Qingdao Desiree Automobile Inspection Device Co.

Qingdao Huakai Automobile Inspection Device Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Jinhua Industrial Group

Radi International (RADI LIFT)

RParking International Trade Co., LTD

Summit Machinery Inc

Wedge Clamp Systems – EZELift