Certified Car Lift and Auto Service Equipment Service Providers

NASPO service providers BendPak

As a globally located vehicle lift and garage equipment manufacturer, BendPak has hundreds of installation and service providers nationwide. All certified service providers in your area will be provided to you after-the-sale. In most cases, large shipments can be delivered direct to the installer, and they will handle all aspects of transport and installation. They will also provide all necessary equipment, such as cranes, forklifts, etc.

Depending on your service needs, we may recommend a specific provider. Installation and repair services may or may not be available from the same company. Our network of providers keeps our business going, and our NASPO contract was very much contingent on our ability to provide quality installation and warranty services. Because these companies are third-party services, not directly affiliated with BendPak, cost of installation(s) may vary depending on location and freight contents.