How do I purchase a BendPak product?

I am a State Entity with a NASPO Membership.

BendPak and NASPO make ordering easy. In three simple steps, you can have contract-priced NASPO vehicle lifts or garage equipment ordered and delivered to your office or garage in about one week.

Step 1:

Visit or NASPO ValuePoint (formerly WSCA-NASPO) and search for NASPO master contract #05316 on vehicle lifts and garage associated equipment.

Step 2:

Browse the specific BendPak/Ranger products covered under contract no. 05316.

Step 3:

Once you know what you want to order, call BendPak toll-free at 1-844-316-2776 or 1-844-31-NASPO or use the inquiry form below.

NASPO simplifies the pricing search

State governments are busy. Rather than have each state hunt around for a NASPO contract—which would result in endless bidding wars—a Lead State is assigned to a contract (BendPak, for instance) and selects the best bid. In our case, BendPak was awarded the full NASPO master contract for vehicle lifts and garage associated equipment.