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A selection of BendPak’s car lifts are available through our NASPO master contract no. 05316, covering vehicle lifts and garage associated equipment. Please read the descriptions below to familiarize yourself with our NASPO contract car lift offerings.

NASPO Car Lifts BendPak

NASPO Two-Post Lifts 

NASPO ​Two-​Post Lifts

NASPO Two-Post Lifts

BendPak two-post car lifts are our bread-and-butter models. Found in virtually every professional auto shop in the country, these frame-engaging lifts allow full access to vehicle underbodies. BendPak’s durable, non-marring screw pads adjust to the height of the lift point, while drop-in frame cradle adapters come standard for use on SUVs and trucks.

Discounted NASPO two-post lifts have 10K, 12K and 18K capacities. This weight range covers most vehicle types, include some semi-trucks, dumpster trucks, school buses and municipal buses. Even the 10,000-lb. capacity lift, the "smallest" in the contract, is suitable for most shops and garages. The swivel arms are supported by high-tech UHMW load bearings that never wear out and never require lubrication. A dual-synchro equalization system ensures an even lift at all times, and the hydraulic system is hidden—and protected—within the structure of the lift. In fact, all moving parts are internally located for both your safety and the safe-keeping of your lift. A BendPak representative familiar with our NASPO contract will help you determine which two-post lift is right for you.

Whether you’re repairing police cars and vans or servicing taxis and other transport vehicles, BendPak’s NASPO two-post lifts are all fully ALI/ETL Certified and covered under our exclusive 5-2-1 warranty plan. This warranty covers our car lift structures, components and hydraulics.

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 NASPO Four-Post Lifts

NASPO ​Four-​Post ​Lifts / Multi-​Post ​Lifts

NASPO Four-Post Lifts

The only downside to the two-post car lift design is that it requires special attention when loading and unloading vehicles. Experienced operators know to always engage vehicles by the lift points, but some shops prefer multi-post lifts, commonly known as four-post lifts. Rather than extending the lift arms under the vehicle at the vehicle manufacturer-recommended lifting points, you simply drive over the ramps, park and raise the vehicle.

The benefits to this lift type are obvious just by looking at one. One raised and locked in place, a second vehicle can park directly underneath. In this way, four-post lifts are also parking lifts. The two-in-one benefit (service lift and parking lift) will serve NASPO purchasers well, especially if your entity is in need of extra parking space.

While selecting four-post lifts for our NASPO contract, we settled on the two models that are most commonly used and most broadly applicable. Customers choose these lifts because they service most vehicle types, but they choose BendPak because of the engineering that goes into the design. Weight capacity is the least important factor when choosing a brand. BendPak, unlike many of our competitors, over-engineers our components well beyond ALI specifications. Our oversized cable sheaves ensure minimal friction on the aircraft-quality lifting cables, and our secondary lock cable-slack detection protects your equipment in the extremely unlikely event of hydraulic failure or hose rupture.

The four-post lift design is great on its own for many jobs, but there’s one thing new users should note: wheel service requires an optional rolling bridge jack, which rolls back and forth between the runways, engages the vehicle’s lift points and lifts the vehicle off its wheels.

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NASPO Scissor Lifts

NASPO ​Scissors ​Lifts

NASPO Scissor Lifts BendPak Lift

Two-post lifts and four-post lifts are the most common car lift types found in most shops, but they take up more space than scissor lifts. BendPak’s NASPO contract features two powerful lifts that are fully collapsible and strong enough to service most vehicles. One low-rise and one mid-rise lift are available at the NASPO discounted rated.

LR-5T Low-Rise Lift

The 10,000-lb. capacity LR-5T is a low-rise, frame-engaging scissors lift powered by dual-hydraulic cylinders. The frames are connected by a small, centrally located crossbar. Because it does not have an open-center design, this lift type is preferred for shops that need quick access to a vehicle’s wheels and suspension. Body shops and full-service auto repair bays will often have a scissor lift of this type because it serves as an excellent backup to two-post lifts and four-post lifts. Also, wheel service operations are not usually done at the max raised heights of full-size lifts; mechanics who don’t necessarily want additional height can still ergonomically operate low-rise lifts. These lifts might not be your primary car lift, but they increase shop efficiency and maximize the usable space in any garage.

LR-5T Low Rise Lift

Quatra™ XR-12000 Full-Rise Scissors Lift

For a little more lifting height, you NASPO purchasers might want to consider the XR-12000 Quatra™, our one-of-a-kind 12,000-lb. capacity mid-rise scissors lift. Unlike the aforementioned low-rise lift, the Quatra features an open-center design to accompany its respectable rise. It also engages the wheels, so it functions like a four-post lift. However, it’s not designed to let a car park under it. Collapsible mid-rise scissors lifts don’t have posts, so they take up less space than other full-size lifts. They’re the natural choice if you want to perform oil changes, tune suspensions, gain access to the drive-train, etc.

XR-12000 Full-Rise Scissor Lift

NASPO Mobile Column Lifts

NASPO ​Mobile ​Lift ​Columns

NASPO Mobile Column Lifts by BendPak

For lifting applications that change locations, or for lifting large buses, vans or semis, BendPak’s versatile mobile lift columns are the ideal choice. Each individual column rolls up and engages a wheel. With all four (or more) wheels engaged, the powerful, low-pressure HVLP direct-drive hydraulic cylinders activate simultaneously to provide a safe, perfectly even lift.

The main benefit of mobile lift columns is that you can theoretically use as many of them as necessary (up to 108,000 lbs.) with virtually any axle or wheel base. They allow large municipal vehicles to be serviced quickly and easily, so if you don’t have a high-capacity, heavy-duty two-post lift or four-post lift in your shop, these mobile units are a great alternative. In terms of mobility, a hydraulically operated steering control raises the lift assembly when you need access to the 8” diameter polyurethane-covered steel wheels (complete with sealed roller bearings). Because these are wheel-engaging lifts, they cannot be used to perform wheel service on raised vehicles. Otherwise, they’re completely open-center, free of posts or crossbeams and can be efficiently stowed away after use.

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*Shipments destined to remote rural areas may be subject to a Delivery Area Surcharge **Situational emergency fuel surcharges may apply due to unpredictable fluctuations in global fuel prices that dramatically impact transportation-related costs.

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