State Procurement Offices

Every state has a division referred to as the Department of Enterprise Services, Department of General Services, etc. Depending on the structure of any given state’s government structure, there may be a contract procurement division, as well. These departments are staffed by knowledgeable and experienced purchasers who dedicate their careers to government-level contract procurements. The benefit of this system is that individual buyers don’t have to waste government time and money conducting Internet searches. While there’s a chance clients might find a lower price for a contract than the one offered by the NASPO-approved contractor, these contracts aren’t determined by price alone. Companies like BendPak win NASPO contracts for a variety of reasons.

Department of Enterprise Service

Occasionally, a potential client will “go rogue” and hire a company outside the NASPO umbrella. In fact, it hurts all NASPO-affiliated clients to go outside the contracted company, as the collective buying power of the state can be compromised. Companies are selected by experts who thoroughly vet the establishments seeking a NASPO contract. To learn more about how state procurement officials select contracts, please read about the NASPO ValuePoint system, formerly WSCA and WSCA-NASPO.