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BendPak/Ranger’s quality and continuously emerging designs make the vehicle repairs you’re working on more accessible, easier to perform, and quicker to complete. Yes, BendPak/Ranger is here to provide relevant solutions as the industry leader in automotive lifts and shop equipment. And we’ve been happily delivering quality automotive shop lifts and equipment worldwide for over 50 years.

Sourcewell offers membership to all government agencies that combines the buying power of 50,000 government employees. If your procurement plans enlist Sourcewell, the total solicitation process provides for an efficient purchase RFPs (Request for Proposal) and an IFB (Invitation for Bid). These are provided for national, competitive solicitations. And this entire process is constantly improved by the Sourcewell Procurement Team, so your organization can take advantage of their turn-key contracts.

Recently, Sourcewell contracted with LIFTNOW for a selection of car lifts and shop equipment with qualifying products acquired from BendPak. LIFTNOW is within the private sector, and they specialize in providing not only a well-thought-out selection of auto lifts and shop equipment for the auto repair industry, but also knew that BendPak’s high-level of quality products would serve this government procurement contract well. LIFTNOW has a vast background of repair shop experience as well as access to a variety of automotive lifts, shop equipment, and proven answers to many challenges. This capability allows LIFTNOW to setup your shop to ergonomically flow well with your work load, and into the changing years ahead. When Sourcewell recently teamed up with LIFTNOW to contract for BendPak car lifts and wheel service, we were pleased to assist.


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You can contract directly with BendPak using the NASPO ValuePoint Master Contract no. 05316 for Vehicle Lifts and Garage Associated Equipment or call BendPak toll-free at 1-844-316-2776 or 1-844-31-NASPO. An inquiry form is also available by visiting NASPO Purchase. BendPak subject matter experts are ready to guide you through the procurement path that best meets your current time-sensitive needs.