What is GSA Advantage?

*Shipments destined to remote rural areas may be subject to a Delivery Area Surcharge

GSA Advantage is a private website not affiliated with any governmental agency. Powered by Office Advantage, with over 70 affiliated warehouses located across the country, it provides essential products to customers in all 50 states. With their GSA and MILSTRIP contracts, they proudly serve federal and military customers not only in the United States, but in the far reaching posts and ports around the world. GSA Advantage offers over 100,000 products from one source with one charge.

In short, GSA Advantage provides the helpful tools and information to assist you in making an effective best value decision.

Ensuring Best Value using GSA Advantage®

Best value represents a well thought-out purchase decision based on your agency's needs. Important factors such as price, as well as terms and conditions, are considered.

How the new GSA Advantage can help

GSA Advantage makes it easier than ever to find the best value. Once you have narrowed down your search to a specific product, click "Buy/Compare" button to review the Product Detail page.

Purchasing Tips

If a product is sold by more than one contractor, next to the "Buy/Compare" button, GSA Advantage will display the number of contractors offering the product.

On the Product Detail page, under "Compare Available Sources," all contractors offering this product will be listed (in price ascending order). From this table you can easily compare pricing and terms and conditions (e.g., socio-economic status, delivery days, minimum order, FOB shipping).

*Shipments destined to remote rural areas may be subject to a Delivery Area Surcharge