About NASPO ValuePoint

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The NASPO ValuePoint system helps states focus on singular solicitations for services; the state can then pool its knowledge with the knowledge of other states. In doing so, hundreds of contracts are created at greatly discounted prices. The collective buying power of the states is one of the most powerful business tools in the nation today, and businesses take NASPO contracts very seriously. Because NASPO is free to join, the costs of establishing business relations and drawing up contracts is fully reimbursed by NASPO. State members never have to worry about devoting precious taxpayer resources to these bids.

Anyone can search the entire database of NASPO contractors by company name or service. They can also select individual states to isolate the active members and participants of that state only. Each company in the system won its NASPO contract by demonstrating that it offers the best overall value for its products and/or services. Value is determined by price, quality, delivery, service, warranty and past performance. It is the role of the Lead State to investigate all contract bidders along these lines and select the best contract available. It’s important for clients not to go outside the NASPO ValuePoint system for any and all services that are covered in the NASPO database. While it may be possible to find a lower price point by conducting a simple web search, there’s a good chance that the quality, warranty, etc. are sub-par. After all, if their services are superior, why didn’t they win the contract? When you consider purchasing a NASPO-approved product or service, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best that any given industry has to offer.