I am a NASPO Member. Why should I Purchase with BendPak?

NASPO garage equipment contractor

Contrary to what some car lift and garage equipment manufacturers will try to lead you to believe, there are several manufacturers out there who were awarded contract no. 05316 for vehicle lifts and garage associated equipment. The reason behind the secrecy, we believe, is they don’t want purchasers looking around for a better NASPO contract deal.

When it comes to taxpayer money, responsibly selecting a company that is competitively priced is a big deal. In the long run, so is the safety of the product (certification), product warranty and service record of the company.

Safety first—a level playing field

NASPO contracts only include ALI/ETL certified car lifts, so for all intents and purposes, no matter whom you buy from, the most rigorous safety standards in the industry will apply to your lift. At BendPak, we’re proud to over-engineer our lifts well beyond the officially rated lift capacity. ETL requires a minimum of 1.5x lift capacity on the arms and load bearings, which BendPak car lifts meet and exceed.

BendPak offers a better price. Period.

Don’t be fooled by the marketing attempts of our competitors. Look at the facts. BendPak offers 30% off our MRP pricing for all NASPO contract car lifts and garage equipment. You can review our NASPO pricing at any time. We’ve looked at our competition, and we’re confident that we not only offer the safest, most reliable products out there, we easily secure the best price points. Other companies that have been imitating BendPak features and designs for years will still falsely claim to be “NASPO’s preferred vehicle lift lender” (or something like that). They offer a lesser discount in virtually every case. Also, NASPO doesn’t “prefer” or promote one company over another. It’s the purchaser’s job to make that call. It’s our job to prove ourselves worthy of your business.

Our warranty still dominates the industry

BendPak’s 5-2-1 Warranty on car lifts is still the best in the industry, and we’re proud to extend it to our NASPO contract purchasing partners. Other companies will warranty their products for one or two years and usually don’t offer free shipping on labor and return parts.

Our BendPak vehicle lift warranty is as follows:

  • Five-year (60-month) warranty on the lift structure
  • Two-year (24-month) warranty on the hydraulic cylinder(s) and power unit
  • One-year (12-month) warranty on operating components
  • One-year (12-month) warranty on electrical components (excluding power unit)
  • One-year (12-month) labor warranty on site or at factory
  • One-year (12-month) free shipping on ground‐freight charges related to warranty performance

Our Ranger Products NASPO contract offerings include wheel balancers, tire changers and brake lathes. These units are covered by separate warranty, which is as follows:

  • Two-year (24-month) Warranty on equipment structure
  • One-year (12-month) Warranty on operating components
  • One-year (12-month) Labor Warranty on site or at factory
  • One-year (12-month) Free-Shipping on ground‐freight charges related to warranty performance

Our Service Record

BendPak NASPO Service Providers

Many manufacturers of car lifts and garage equipment outsource their customer service efforts to call centers, which may or may not be overseas. BendPak takes all inquiries in-house at our Santa Paula, CA headquarters. We’re ready for literally every question you can throw at us. BendPak / Ranger engineers and quality control staff remain on-site, as well, so our trained customer service representatives always have those additional resources at their disposal. We’re known for taking care of all questions in a timely, respectful manner. With literally thousands of calls each month, our expanding distribution network means an expanding service and sales department. Wait times remain low and responses come quick. Government contractors can expect that same great level of service.