Sourcewell Service and Installation Equipment Providers

*Shipments destined to remote rural areas may be subject to a Delivery Area Surcharge
BendPak Certified Service

BendPak, a globally ​recognized vehicle lift and garage equipment manufacturer, has over 500 installation and service providers nationwide. As part of the after-the-sale process, BendPak is able to provide you will multiple certified service providers in your area to help with delivery and installation of your order. For the most convenience, we recommend having larger shipments be shipped directly to the service provider of your choosing so they may handle all the aspects of your transport and installation. This also frees you up from having to purchase or rent the equipment necessary to offload your new equipment purchase. 

Since LIFTNOW was awarded the Sourcewell contract RFP 013020, they have a unique advantage of contracting BendPak lifts and wheel service equipment. BendPak has both west coast and east coast distribution warehouses, so depending on your location, equipment can be delivered to your certified service provider within 1-3 days. This allows you to get the equipment you need from a reliable service provider network.

BendPak Warehouse Inventory

BendPak Full Service Equipment Provider

When it comes time to order and depending on your service needs, we may recommend a specific provider or multiple service centers in your area. Installation and repair services may or may not be available from the same company. Our network of providers keeps our business going, and LIFTNOW's Sourcewell contract was very much contingent on our ability to provide quality installation and warranty services. Because these companies are third-party services, not directly affiliated with BendPak, cost of installation(s) may vary depending on location and freight contents.