Sourcewell Car Lifts

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Looking for a car lift contracted by Sourcewell RFP 013020? A selection of BendPak car lifts are available through LIFTNOW awarded the Sourcewell RFP 013020 for vehicle lifts and garage fleet maintenance equipment. In this contract, the following vehicle lift categories are available: two-post lifts, four-post lifts, alignment lifts, scissor lifts, and mobile column lifts.

Sourcewell Two-Post Lifts

BendPak two-post lifts provide lots of undercar-access versatility for most service needs. With a weight-lifting range of up to 18,000 lbs. they can handle a wide variety of vehicles. And unlike a four-post drive-on lift with runways, with the two-post style you can immediately remove and install wheels, tires, brakes and undercarriage components, because the vehicle is suspended in the air. With BendPak lift’s four-adjustable arms, you can position the lifting pads under the appropriate frame positions or side-sill sections of the vehicle for lifting. You can also easily troubleshoot lots of tire, wheel, brake, axle, and driveshaft complaints with the ability to rotate each wheel and chassis components to verify noises.

Sourcewell BendPak Two-Post Lifts

Or quickly perform tire changes, brake jobs, oil changes, exhaust, transmission service and more with a two-post lift. And a two-post does not consume a large footprint on your shop’s floor, leaving you with a larger working area so that when no car is on the lift, and you need a place to temporarily put your rollaway, you have the extra room. BendPak’s two-post lifts also feature multiple lock positions to safely keep the vehicle in place during work.

Sourcewell Four-Post Lifts

BendPak’s four-post lifts are easy to use and offer many benefits. First they are extremely well-made, many are ALI certified for safety, very stable, and take almost no time to load a car onto. Simply drive the vehicle up and onto the runway, park the vehicle securely and open the door. And on a four-post lift, there is no side post to be concerned about possibly hitting while opening the door.

Sourcewell BendPak Four-Post Lifts

If the vehicle is going to be stored in the up position for any length of time, the area below can typically be used to store a second car. So the same shop footprint can be used to hold two cars instead of just one. For safety’s sake, BendPak four‐post lifts use eight independent lock devices. These are comprised of four primary and four back‐ups. All BendPak lifts are computer modeled for structural strength and BendPak hoses feature a 400 percent safety factor.

An affordable and useful option to add to a BendPak four post lift is a fixed sliding jack tray. Simply use two matching and adequate bottle jacks under the front or rear of the vehicle and you can jack the car up off of the runway ramps. Or choose the 4-Post Bridge Jack that is a more advanced way to raise the vehicle. If you choose to use a BendPak four-post lift at home, remember you can store your weekend cruiser on top to increase your home-storage ability, and save from spending money on monthly storage costs at an off-site location.

Sourcewell Alignment Lifts

A great profit opportunity for most any auto shop is an alignment lift. With the variety of today’s sophisticated and better-performing chassis designs, larger and higher-performing wheels and tires, blended with each vehicle’s versatile use, good tire wear and vehicle tracking are important aspects of overall vehicle performance and safety. And with many of today’s fully independent suspensions in both the front and the rear of the vehicle, all corners can be checked during a 4-wheel alignment.

Sourcewell BendPak Alignment Lifts

BendPak’s alignment lifts include turn-plates and slip-plates that deliver a high-level of alignment setting accuracy for most vehicles so you can reduce your alignment time and achieve the optimal alignment setting the first time. With BendPak’s high-accuracy adjustment you don’t need to worry about comebacks that can cost you money and use up part of your day with an unhappy customer. Plus when BendPak’s deluxe turn plates are paired with BendPak’s incredibly fast and accurate 3D wheel aligner, your alignment lift operations become best-in-class.

Sourcewell Scissor Lifts

If you’re looking for a way to help get the job done, but don’t want to devote precious floor space to a lift with a large footprint, consider BendPak’s scissor lifts. These are available in three different levels, based on the following height range choices: Low-Rise, Mid-Rise, and Full-Rise.

  • Low-Rise Scissor lifts
    BendPak’s Low-Rise Scissor Lifts are ideal for shops that want to save space, maximize service capability, and maybe do not have a high ceiling area or simply need a lift to move the vehicle off the ground. Uses include tire changes, tire rotations, brake work, or under-vehicle service with a creeper, vehicle detailing, and more. These are available with lifting capacities up to 10,000 lbs and typically raise the vehicle about 2 feet. Be sure to check the specific lift’s download for actual spec information.

    Sourcewell BendPak Low-Rise Lifts

  • Mid-Rise Scissor Lifts
    If you’re looking for more height than the Low​-Rise Scissor lift, but don’t quite have the vertical space for a Ful​l-Rise lift, check out BendPak’s Mid-Rise lift. With the higher lifting capability that the Mid-Rise Lift offers, you’ll find more ergonomic access to work on vehicles. These are available with lifting capacities up to 6,000 lbs and typically raise the vehicle about 3 feet or more. Be sure to check the specific lift’s download for actual spec information.

    Sourecwell BendPak Mid-Rise Lifts

  • Full-Rise Scissor Lifts
    BendPak’s line of Full-Rise lifts work perfectly if you need to be able to have full standing movement while working and have higher under vehicle access. And BendPak’s scissor lifts takes less floor space than a two-post or a four-post. These are available with lifting capacities up to 12,000 lbs and typically raise the vehicle about 6 feet. Be sure to check the specific lift’s download for actual spec information.

    Sourcewell BendPak Full-Rise Lifts

Sourcewell Mobile Column Lifts

If you need to lift BIG and real heavy vehicles up in the air (up to 72 TONS) BendPak has the strength you need. BendPak’s Mobile Column lift system is designed for very heavy-duty vehicle maintenance and provides the ability to lift up to 144,000 lbs. when 8 pairs of BendPak’s Mobile Column lifts are used concurrently and appropriately placed around the vehicle. Each column (PCL-18B) is separately capable of lifting up to 18,000 lbs (sold in sets of two, totaling 36,000 lbs.). With the minimum 4 lift perimeter arrangement you can lift vehicles up to 72,000 lbs. The maximum lifting height is almost 6 feet (71.5”). With BendPak’s Mobile Column lifts you can add columns to your existing fleet and expand your lifting capabilities in sets of 2 (adding 36,000 lbs. of lifting capacity per pair) to include heavier vehicles for more lifting power such as larger semi-trucks and other big vehicles. A minimum of 4 mobile column lifts must be used to lift a vehicle (up to 72,000-lbs.) and heavier vehicles beyond that require 6 (108,000-lb.) or 8 mobile column lifts (144,000-lb.).

Sourcewell BendPak Mobile Column Lifts

The height adjustment can be custom-set from the control panel so that there is no upward interference with a low ceiling height. Just three 30’ cables are used leaving the front or back of the lift void of cable obstructions to allow driving into or exiting the lift’s perimeter area (aka horseshoe wiring). Intuitive controls allow the lift to be fully programmed and controlled from any column. Smart electronics feature self-diagnostics and self-calibration functions. Sealed and enclosed linear potentiometers feature precision potentiometric output and high-frequency response for precise synchronization and communication of all columns through all cycles for exact, level lifting. Features include self-diagnostics fault codes to determine if system errors become present.