eSourcewell holds several competitively established contracts that are available to government agencies for a variety of procurement projects to over 60,000 government members. In turn member state agencies can procure these established products through the packaged contracts that Sourcewell has developed for this purpose. Sourcewell simplifies this process by developing RFBs and IFBs for nationwide solicitation. In simpler terms a government organization becomes a member, finds a vendor contract, and selects the vendor based on the products that they need.

Is Sourcewell a government agency?

Created by the Minnesota legislature, Sourcewell is a service cooperative created as a local unit of government and is governed by locally elected municipal officials and school board members. You can learn more about Minnesota Statutes here:

Does it cost money to become a Sourcewell member?

Becoming a Sourcewell member is completely free with no obligation to purchase. If you're a government agency, public or private school/college, tribal government, and/or non-profit organization, you can register to become a Sourcewell member.