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Sourcewell Tire Changers

If you’re looking for a tire changer for today’s wheel and tire demands, Ranger has you covered. Whether you’re working on a full set of big custom rims up to 28” diameters, or low-profile tires off of a European sedan, special aftermarket or factory rims, or a simple 14 or 15” steel rim off of an old Pontiac, Ranger tire changers can quickly and carefully perform well on all of them. Each Ranger tire changer features adjustable RimGuard wheel clamps that with their plastic covers do not mar the wheel rim lips. A drop-center top mount arm holds the tire in place during rotation, pneumatic wheel restraint keeps the mounted wheel locked in position, power assisted upper bead rollers assist in setting and breaking beads, and an optional swing arm tire changer is available. All of this adds up to the best way to quickly and professionally change tires on today’s variety of modern wheels.

Sourcewell Ranger Tire Changer

Sourcewell Wheel Balancers

A smooth ride with a steady steering wheel lets your customers know that your shop does things right. Ranger offers a full line of wheel balancers to fit just about any shop’s need utilizing a direct-axis drive system. There are many benefits to balancing tires quickly and properly. Offering a tire balancing service gives you the ability to check brakes for wear, perform tire rotations, suspensions, and other items that can turn into added sales in your shop. And a tire balance service by itself typically earns you a sale that is just about all labor, while balancing a set of four tires usually takes a short amount of time. And your customer can usually tell the great improvement in road feel.

Sourcewell Ranger Wheel Balancer

With the variety of Ranger’s Tire Balancers, there is one that should fit the available floor space in your shop. Most technicians either already understand how to balance tires, or they can be trained in a short amount of time. Ranger’s direct-axis drive system provides a high-level of accuracy ensuring smooth steering wheel feel at highway speeds. A variety of balancing technologies are available on several models of Ranger Wheel Balancers and weight placement with the minimum amount of weight needed displayed after just 6 seconds of rotation on the balancer provides a professional job.

Sourcewell Wheel Aligners

Today’s rough roads, parking lots, high-speed roadways, and frequent in-town commuting take their toll on wheel alignments, often causing out-of-spec results. And if it’s a late-model passenger car with four-wheel independent suspension, this occurs at all four corners. Modern cars and trucks need accurate alignments performed periodically so that the vehicle tracks straight, has proper steering return, and maximizes tire life.

Sourcewell Ranger Wheel Aligner

Ranger's premium CRT Wireless Wheel Aligners consistently set the industry standard for accuracy, speed and simplicity of use. The perfect complement to the BendPak alignment lift is our Ranger CRT Wireless Wheel Aligners. These units are capable of accurately determining angles and calculations to a high-degree of precision. Ranger wheel aligners include ProSpec® software and advanced 8-CCD cameras, which interprets data and brightly displays all the alignment measures on a high-contrast flat-panel monitor. Your technicians follow the onscreen instructions and receive immediate feedback and correction. It's that that straightforward!