When you assess BendPak/Ranger’s car lifts and wheel service equipment, you can rest assured that the product lineup is second to none. With many decades of experience combining these innovations and quality into each product, it makes sense that BendPak is recognized as the industry leader in the world of automotive lifts, wheel service, and shop equipment.

The workmanship that goes into each Bendpak/Ranger product may not be apparent to a novice, but after comparing just a few details the quality is very obvious.

BendPak Car Lifts—ALI Certified

Each BendPak car lift is made with high quality manufacturing, most of our lifts have two trusted labels affixed to the post. First is our BendPak brand label and second is a prominently placed gold ALI Certified sticker. ALI stands for the “Automotive Lift Institute” and they are a world- recognized lift rating organization that has been certifying quality lifts for over 70 years. This quality is because at BendPak we design and engineer our own lifts here in the United States based on decades of experience to very accurate standards. And BendPak carefully chooses the quality of the raw materials, implements strong structural reinforcements, and redundant backup safety systems required to meet and exceed ALI/ANSI Certification. That same level of quality is part of BendPak’s shop equipment designs too.

Two locations to server you better

You've probably heard that in business you can choose speed, quality, or value, but not all three. At BendPak, we beg to differ. Our East Coast and West Coast distribution centers provide the perfect product fulfillment solution with three-day ground deliveries to 95% of the United States. The cherry on top? Our Certified Service™ program equips our dealers with nationwide inventory control and order tracking solutions for both locations.

Our warranty still dominates the industry

BendPak’s 5-2-1 Warranty on car lifts is still the best in the industry, and we’re proud to extend it to our Sourcewell contract purchasing partners. Other companies will warranty their products for one or two years and usually don’t offer free shipping on labor and return parts.

Our BendPak vehicle lift warranty is as follows:

  • Five-year (60-month) warranty on the lift structure
  • Two-year (24-month) warranty on the hydraulic cylinder(s) and power unit
  • One-year (12-month) warranty on operating components
  • One-year (12-month) warranty on electrical components (excluding power unit)
  • One-year (12-month) labor warranty on site or at factory
  • One-year (12-month) free shipping on ground‐freight charges related to warranty performance

Our Ranger Products Sourcewell contract offerings include wheel balancers, tire changers and brake lathes. These units are covered by separate warranty, which is as follows:

  • Two-year (24-month) Warranty on equipment structure
  • One-year (12-month) Warranty on operating components
  • One-year (12-month) Labor Warranty on site or at factory
  • One-year (12-month) Free-Shipping on ground‐freight charges related to warranty performance