Freight Surcharges

Accessorial Charges—Freight Surcharges

Even though free shipping applies to most domestic orders, in some cases accessorial charges may apply for specialized freight services beyond normal pick up, transport, and delivery. All BendPak domestic dealers will be responsible for paying accessorial charges relating to their orders. The following list includes accessorial fees that will apply to each domestic order. These surcharges may be added at the time of invoice or after the merchandise has been delivered.

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Lift Gate

If a shipment being delivered to a facility without a loading dock or adequate material handling equipment requires specialized lift gate service, a $95.00 fee will apply to the order.

Residential Pickup/Delivery

If a shipment is to be picked up or delivered to a residential area, a $70.00 fee will apply to the order. All orders void of a ship-to [business name] will automatically be assumed to be residential delivery.

Re-Delivery /Return Trip

A $75.00 charge will apply for each re-delivery.

Pre-Delivery Phone Notification/Appointments

A $​12.00 charge will apply for notifying consignees of delivery.

Waiting Time

A fee may be added if a delivery driver experiences significant wait time for a shipment to be unloaded. This charge would be based on the amount of time over and above what would be considered a normal delivery expectation.

Storage Charges

If the shipment is stalled for any reason, or needs to sit with the carrier for a specific delivery date, a storage fee of $0.20 per 100 lbs. each day may be charged for taking up space on a dock or in a truck.

Special Delivery Destinations / Limited Access

A minimum $75.00 charge will apply to all shipments consigned to delivery points with limited or high-security access such as: schools, farms, military bases, prisons, government buildings, resort properties, trade-shows or convention centers, etc.


If while in transit, the shipment needs to be reconsigned to an alternative location, then the outbound rate per mile will be applied from point of original delivery to the new destination point.


A 20% restocking fee will be charged for merchandise returned to BendPak. In addition, customers are also responsible for any and all applicable shipping charges incurred by BendPak.

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