Dmitry's Garage

Dmitry holds the distinction of being one of the earliest users of a GrandPrix car lift. When our home car lift first came out, there was nothing else like it. Even today, it's the only ALI Certified low-ceiling two-post lift in the world. Dmitry's Garage often features a beautiful, white 2018 Mustang GT and has an amazing garage. His only limitation is his ceiling height, which is relatively low.  (By "low" we actually mean "normal"—the vast majority of homeowners can't fit a full-size two-post lift in their garages.)

Dmitry's Garage GrandPrix Two-Post Lift

Dmitry is a do-it-yourselfer of the highest order. Everything he does is right out of his own garage. His productions are labors of love, and he does just about everything under the sun to pull the most out of his supercharged GT. This isn't one of the bigger vlog channels out there, but if you're a wrencher, you might just recognize yourself in his work. When Dmitry installed GrandPrix in his garage, he put together an enthusiastic review of the lift. If you've been looking for a better lifting solution for your home garage, we encourage you to check it out. The comments section speaks for itself: GrandPrix is a unique lift that's bound to generate excite as the car community catches on.

While Dmitry has the shortest GrandPrix car lift model, there are two taller models that progressively more lifting height. Ultimately, the goal is to get people like Dmitry a safe, useful means of sharing their passion with the world. A car lift offers more room for camera angles and makes wrenching easier than wrenching from the floor. Follow Dmitry's lead if you need a bit of a lift in your life.

GrandPrix GP-7LCS Two-Post Lift