Automobile Driving Museum

Time is a funny thing. While forward progress is almost always an overall benefit to society, we're sometimes left with a sense of something being left behind. That's where the Automobile Driving Museum (ADM) comes in. In total, they have about 140 antique vehicles on their museum floor, in storage and on car lifts for repairs and maintenance. The earliest of these vehicles were built in 1886, and their latest model is a 2000. That makes ADM one of the pre-eminent antique auto museums in the nation. Their collection is meant to preserve significant pieces of automotive history. It serves as a reminder of what used to be, so we don't lose the knowledge of all that came before.

Automobile Driving Museum Two Post Lift

Needless to say, not many organizations are devoted to preserving 19th century automobiles, and it's hard to imagine that many experts exist in that area. BendPak has had a long relationship with ADM, and we've supplied them with 20 or so car lifts, including two-post lifts and four-post lifts. (Even their floor manager has lost count of them.)

ADM is more than a museum. They offer shop classes for all levels of experience, which is an incredible way to get the automotive community involved in the restoration and preservation of these amazing, old cars. ADM also features the All Women's Car Restoration Project. They devote an entire area of their workshop to about 10 women to work on car projects. That's really exciting stuff!

To learn a little bit more about ADM's relationship with automotive history, not to mention their choice to use BendPak lifts and equipment, watch our interview below!