Valley Indoor RV Storage Uses BendPak Boat Storage Lifts

Which of your toys do you like better? That cool third car of yours or your boat? BendPak has a way to give them both the care they deserve without using up any more indoor floor space. With the HD-7500BLX boat storage lift you can store your boat inside your garage away from the elements and at the same time, that special car of yours. In other words, with a BendPak boat lift you can double stack your toys. And besides the obvious benefits of keeping both away from the outdoor elements, you are also staying away from onlookers who may want to do harm to your valuable investments.

Inside a boat storage facility

We recently took a trip to Valley Indoor RV Storage in Chatsworth, California to look at BendPak boat lifts in service. The local outdoor temperature was in the 90s, but inside and out of the sun it was much cooler. The perfect place to store boats and cars when they are not in service. With such beautiful outdoor weather, a lot of the boats we came to see were out on the lake. But we still managed to find a few boats, jet skis, and trailers taking advantage of the BendPak boat lift system. Boat storage lifts are designed to fit a variety of trailers and configurations, so chances are they make one that will work for you. And if you choose to store your boat on the ground, most boats (as well as cars) should fit on top.

Indoor Valley Boat Storage in Chatsworth, California

One of the great features of any BendPak product is the innovative design. To allow easy on and off trailer loading, these boat lifts feature extra-long and low approach ramps. So trailer loading and unloading does not take extra time, nor others to monitor ground clearance. With four heavy-duty, stainless steel wire ropes and a single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath the runway, these lifts are among the most trouble free on the market. A hydraulic power system operated electrically is located on an easy-to-reach control. But best of all is the BendPak quality. With a four-post lift design, 7,500 lb. capacity, multi-level locking positions, and 82-inch rise you will wonder how you got by before. ​Learn more about BendPak’s boat lift​.

BendPak boat storage four-post lift

Whether you need more room for your boat, special car or project, BendPak has a product to help you so that you have more room. And BendPak lifts provide improved access and a more effective and time saving ways to perform vehicle maintenance. Whatever boats, cars, or projects you have BendPak most likely has a product for you.

Storing Boats on BendPak Four-Post Lifts

Checkout the YouTube video below showing the benefits that Valley Indoor RV Storage has experienced with the BendPak boat lifts.