BendPak is ​Planning ​Something ​Big for SEMA 2021

BendPak has been attending the SEMA ​Show for close to two decades and just like the SEMA show as a whole, it gets better and better every year. We normally start planning for the next year's SEMA show the week following the closing of the previous year, so a lot of time goes into the making of a successful BendPak show. Due to the unfortunate circumstances regarding the cancellation of SEMA 2020, we're looking forward to an even bigger SEMA 2021. When this pandemic is over and conditions safely return to normal, we know that the automotive community will be back in full force, and then some, for next year's SEMA return. 

What to expect from BendPak at SEMA 2021

For years, BendPak has been known to release new and exciting product at the SEMA show. In 2016, we released the QuickJack™ portable car lift. The patend​ed QuickJack is now the hottest thing to hit the automotive market since slice bread was invented. In 2017, we welcomed the patended Autostacker™ parking lift. People were in awe of its sleek stylish design and compact space. In 2018, we introduced a brand-new two-post lift series called GrandPrix™ that was designed to fit in garages with low ceilings. The presentation that year featured a GP-7LCS mounted on a giant steel plate so that a car could be lifted. Attendees were able to get a sense of what it would look like in their garage. Finally, last year's SEMA 2019, BendPak featured another invention and first to the automotive market, the HD-973P triple-level parking lift. You've seen triple stackers before, but this is the first to have independently operated frames. This allows you to set different height for different vehicle.

BendPak SEMA Show 2020 Booth Concept

What could BendPak possibly be brewing next? We hate to use the term revolutionary, but it really is the only and best way to describe what we are planning to release in the coming year. We aren't able to say what it is, but let's just say, it'll revolutionize the entire automotive scene!