Past BendPak at SEMA Shows

SEMA Show 2019

BendPak went all out for SEMA Show 2019. Our 80' x 30' outdoor space was covered by a 17' tall tradeshow truss that was able to be seen from across the show. All of BendPak product and brands were out and displayed for eager SEMA attendees to see. This year was by far the most successful for SEMA and for BendPak. We can't wait to come back and see everyone again!

SEMA Show 2018

Given the success of the last SEMA Show year, we decided to go all out for SEMA 2018 with even more products from the BendPak product line. In addition to the Autostacker, QuickJack, and Cool Boss, this year we added the GrandPrix series to the show and SEMA attendees LOVED it!

SEMA Show 2017

This year, we added more products from top BendPak brands including Autostacker, QuickJack, and Cool Boss. SEMA Show 2017 was a huge success!

SEMA Show 2016

The SEMA Show 2016 was the first year that we had an outdoor booth and an indoor booth. We showcased our latest product offering known as the QuickJack portable car lift.