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5/1/18 Update: APPLY TO BE ON SEASON TWO NOW!!! (Sorry for shouting.)

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Love cars? Love trucks? Love mud? Then you must love a good time. And you must be getting excited about Truck Night in America, premiering on Thursday, March 8, 10PM ET/PT. If you’re reading this, you probably love trucks as much as any red-blooded American, and this is a show all about building the most brutal, bone-crushing machines, and then racing them under the most strenuous conditions.

Hell yes.

“Truck Night In America” airs March 8, 10PM ET/PT

Each episode of this competition series features five drivers in their personal customized trucks and jeeps going head to head in three challenges, each testing a different vehicle attribute: speed, strength or handling. Between each challenge, competitors demonstrate their craftsmanship by re-engineering their trucks for the next round. The last two men or women standing will have to suffer a three-mile-long obstacle course known as “The Green Hell,” which challenges trucks and drivers to fly off jumps, climb a mountain of crushed cars, and tear through a snake-infested swamp.

Five Will Enter, One Will Win
Only the best driver will take home the prize money and be crowned “Truck Night Champion.” These folks are not simply driving cars in circles around a controlled track. They’re putting their best stuff through the worst imaginable conditions to see who survives.

According to Eli Lehrer, History Channel’s Executive Vice President of Programming, “Since 1925 when the first American factory-produced truck rolled off the line, owners have been devising ingenious ways to make them faster, stronger and better… this can be seen with the tough competitors in our new series.”

Be sure to tune in, and don’t be afraid to get a little dirty.

38 responses to “New Show: Truck Night in America”

  1. Wally1 writes:

    I watched the first two episodes, won’t be watching anymore. What a bunch of stupidity. And the four hosts, what rehab center did they get these guys from? A really disappointing show. Don’t believe any real car / truck guys (and gals) will watch this ridiculous show. This show is an insult to the off road community and portrays off roaders in a negative manner.

  2. Max Glassburg writes:

    Sorry to hear you aren’t enjoying the program, Wally1! These shows are always subject to taste. Guess we’ll know how America feels if we see a season 2! Thanks for sharing.

    -Max Glassburg, BendPak Team

  3. Mike Braskich writes:

    How do I apply to get on the show and win

  4. Steve Austin writes:

    I think its a fun show to watch especially knowing its not my truck getting destroyed. The $10,000 prize money wouldn’t be enough to repair most of the vehicles that go through the course but any of the contestants deserve bragging rights no matter how far they made it through.

  5. Max Glassburg writes:

    Good question, but it’s hard to say! Maybe drop your question on their Facebook?

    To be honest, now I’m kind of curious too…

    -Max Glassburg, BendPak Team

  6. Jeff writes:

    Yeah, where do you get the competitors? I would like info on entering.

  7. Max Glassburg writes:

    Good question. I’d like to know myself, but TV networks can be a tough nut to crack. They might take submissions for a few weeks out of the year.

    Here’s a phone number for 51 Minds, the production company behind the show: (818) 643-8200


  8. Ray boulanger writes:

    I agree with wally1 , thought this show was gonna be neat to watch. But couldn’t get thru 3rd show . This is gotta the stupidest show everrrr. Come on, pushing sheds off 75′ cliff backwards , what dumb shit thought that up. Really !!! And the four hosts are more like the four stooges. The blonde dude is the worst. The repairs these ‘experts’ make are a joke. The way they pick people/trucks, the screaming, the comments. Ex. ‘ put it in low gear and go for it’. I’m all done with this show, removed from dvr schedule. Enough said.

  9. Tom Thomas writes:

    I enjoyed this show so much and being an off roader, would like to make some recommendations. Increase winning payout to about $50 K to make even more exciting to win. Eliminate pushing buildings over the cliff, which is exciting but definitely not associated with off roading. If you continue the pulling events, there needs to be some equalization of vehicle weight and engine torque among contestants. A 4000 lb jeep with a 3.8 L engine is just not competitive against a 8000 lb diesel truck with a 6.7 L engine. I especially love the 1st race which tests suspension performance, acceleration, and driver ability. The 3 mile course is outstanding in testing both driver and vehicle endurance and performance over many realistic off road conditions and obstacles. Vehicles without working wenches should be disqualified as they never make it thru the last mud hole without getting stuck. I don’t understand the part where the final two contestants get new tires for the 3 mile run. Seems like they should use the tires they came with to test their ability to choose the best tire for the race.
    Thanks for the show and keep up the good work.

  10. Max Glassburg writes:

    Thanks for the review, Tom! Good point about requiring them to keep the same tires. That would add an extra level of intrigue/challenge.

  11. Teresa Lummus writes:

    Hello! I’m on season 1 of the show. I saw a post on Facebook about a new show being cast. I clicked on the link and filled in the info. When they start casting for season 2 I’m sure it will be on the Facebook page

    Hope that helps 🙂

  12. Max Glassburg writes:

    Thanks Teresa! Couldn’t ask for a better source for information. 🙂 We’ll be sure to follow-up here once we see the casting call!

    And if you don’t mind us asking, what was your experience like on the show?


  13. Towjon writes:

    Guys my 17 yr old daughter or 19 yr old son would put these guys to shame they done Rubicon/ mohab and done well not to mention my 70 yr old but with real life expectancies that been on the majority of the suggested Jeep trails- coarses around the country. I get a hoot on some of the things you have these under skilled and under prepared drivers along with under prepared equipment. For a comedy show it’s what it is 5 stars for intertainment, i can’t help to wounder what some sort of skill with equip that’s not got one foot in grave before the show starts. Good luck if it continues on Northern WA state. Still looking for the bubble gum. HaHa

  14. Walter writes:

    Why would anyone enter this competition?
    The top prize is $10000 for a person that enters a vehicle that they built????!!!!

    I am pretty sure the prize money doesn’t even cover the cost of repairs!!!!!

    This show is a joke!!!

    The only people that go on this show are people who either have a silver spoon up their a** or are complete F***** idiots. Because at the end of the day, who would destroy their truck on the off chance they might be the one truck out of five to survive in order to win only ten k?????!!!!!!

  15. Judy Cooke writes:

    Myself and my son and a huge group of friends do alot off road. Glamis,Silver Lake Sand Dunes and more and at a pretty intense level too! This show is fun to watch. Love it. So to all you haters go away! Just take what ya want and leave the rest!
    Love Truck Night in America!
    Peace and B Wild!

  16. Catwomanlrs writes:

    I love the mix of women competing with men on equal terms, love it. I am a 39 year old woman and am in the process of rebuilding my 92 Chevy Scottsdale stepside. I am putting a west coast 383 stroker work horse motor. They painted my block pink due to my mom just being diagnosed with breast cancer. I would love to compete in anything with my truck and use the winnings to help support breast cancer research.
    My truck as lots of extras, to much to list but altogether without a super charger I will have about 600 horsepower. And I know how to drive.

  17. Max Glassburg writes:

    Well Catwomanlrs, if we were in charge of casting, your release forms would already be in the mail. 🙂

    In the comments section here, contestant Teresa Lummus referred us to the Facebook page that will announce season 2 casting. She’s a testament to the ability of women to participate on equal terms. We hope to see more of that in future episodes, seasons, and in car culture as a whole!

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    The BendPak Team

  18. Gene writes:

    What a great show! I love seeing real guys (and women) bring their real trucks to a competition. A sand pit could be a cool obstacle to traverse. The expert cast is great too. Interesting to see them go to work in the shop times. Cant wait for more episodes. Keep ’em coming!

  19. Ted writes:

    So is there a Season 2 and are they taking contestants yet. May want to enter one of my vehicles.

  20. Max Glassburg writes:

    That’s great, Ted! Our best answers to your questions are on our follow-up blog, “How to Get on Truck Night in America”:

    -Max, BendPak Team

  21. Teresa Lummus writes:

    Max, sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner. I had an amazing time on the show. It was very intense and fun all at the same time. I know a lot of us go out and off road for fun. To be able to do it on national TV with a chance to win money was a dream come true. I would do it all over in a heart beat. You can watch me launch my orange Scout on the show May 10th

  22. Max Glassburg writes:

    Teresa, hello! Thanks for the heads up. Are you involved in either of these offroading programs? If not, I bet they’d love to have your representation! Being a big TV star and all.

    -Max, BendPak Team

  23. Max Glassburg writes:

    Guess I should do my research first.

    Congrats on the story!

    -Max, BendPak Team

  24. Teresa Lummus writes:

    My phone hates me lol! I hope I didn’t post that last comment 20 times lol. I love helping out anyway I can.

  25. Turek dude writes:

    I love watching this show. It would be nice to meet you guys. I have some ideas for a new truck that has all the winning truck parts in it. I just really want to be on the show. Even though i am only 9, i have some major driving skill because my dad let me start driving at age 4. Keep up the good work on the show.

  26. Walter writes:

    What about green hell official times?

  27. Maurice writes:

    I would like to enter a need to know how

  28. Max Glassburg writes:

    Maurice, this might help:

  29. Max Glassburg writes:

    Hi everyone,

    Season 2 casting is happening! Click here:


  30. Erik writes:

    I just saw the 2nd episode and I saw them just destroy some decent sized sheds. I thought that was pretty ridiculous. There’s plenty of homeless or just someone in need. Not just pushing them off s cliff. What a waste. I’ll take one instead of you destroying it…

  31. Max Glassburg writes:

    Well, fair point Erik… but you could probably say that about a lot of things on TV and elsewhere, so maybe singling out the show isn’t TOTALLY fair. In any case, thanks for your thoughts! We should always think about small ways to become better people.

    -Max, BendPak Team

  32. Joaquina Deangelo writes:

    I want to learn this kind of shot! Teach me.

  33. William writes:

    I absolutely L O V E this show! I’m a skier so Gl/P was always my hero in extreme skiing. I want to see TNIA 24/7… hurry up with season 2. My friend has a fully built S10 with the Best of everything top to bottom. I need to sign him up! Great show…I couldn’t wait for Thursday nights! Love all the hosts btw also…

  34. Tony TEE Reyes writes:

    I enjoyed the first season of the show (still have it saved on DVR). As many others here stated, I also don’t think $10K is enough money to fix some of the vehicles that got really messed up, but hey, it is what it is. My real question is: How big is the land of the competition area; that is, all of the obstacles, the hills, and the Green Hell. I’m assumming that all of it is within the same property. Thanks for your response and can’t wait for season 2!!!

  35. Vinny Dontinelli writes:

    my question. Do the contestants get to keep the stuff like new tires or even a winch when they add those in the shop?

  36. Max Glassburg writes:

    Good question – you’ll have to ask the producers on that one!

  37. Phyllis Myers writes:

    Do you fix the rigs that are torn up?

  38. Max Glassburg writes:

    Hi Phyllis. BendPak isn’t associated with the show. We just like trucks!

    The BendPak Team

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