How to Get on Truck Night in America


5/1/18 Update: APPLY TO BE ON SEASON TWO NOW!!! (Sorry for shouting.)

Last month we announced that a new History Channel production, Truck Night in America, would be airing on prime-time television. We were excited about the idea of big ol’ trucks being built to spec, getting ruined by mud and abuse, and then brought back to life again on a weekly basis. As it turns out, we’re not alone. The show’s premiere broke the Top 40 most watched shows. That’s not bad, considering the main competition was basketball, basketball and more basketball, as well as other mainstream media news programs.

Truck Night in America promotional poster
Keep an eye on their unofficial Facebook to see how to get on the show

The comments section on this blog was full of responses to the show. Some loved it, some wanted more. Feedback like that pretty much comes with the territory of any new show. Most people, however, wanted to know how to get on Truck Night in America to become a contestant. To be honest, we were initially a bit  flummoxed. There’s no information on (what we think is) the show’s official Facebook page, and we couldn’t find it on the production company’s site, either.

Then came a stroke of luck. Teresa Lummus, a contestant on the show, reached out and had this to say:

I saw a post on Facebook about a new show being cast. I clicked on the link and filled in the info. When they start casting for season 2 I’m sure it will be on the Facebook page

But, we have an update! You can now APPLY TO BE ON SEASON TWO! No idea how long this link will be active, so act quickly.

BendPak loves car and truck shows, so we’ll keep this blog updated with information on how to get on Truck Night in America, as well as other news about the shows you love. If you’ve got questions and would like to see answers, let us know!

Thanks for reading, drivers.

9 responses to “How to Get on Truck Night in America”

  1. Alan Ziegenbein writes:

    Would like to be on the show with my 85 Toyota

  2. Max Glassburg writes:

    You should do it, Alan! Stay tuned for casting info. Hopefully someone can post here to let everyone know when casting begins. We’ll keep an eye out too.

    -Max, BendPak Team

  3. DatGuy writes:

    Give me a run, I built my jeep from other jeeps. It’s a YJ rock crawler, with unbreakable motor mounts. Plus I don’t need a spotter ever, spots stop my trail, why I don’t do jeep jambos. I’m a fab/welder and an offgrid fixer. Nice u have a shop. Maybe one day.

  4. Charles Bode writes:

    Hey how can I get n the show ? I have a built jeep and would like a shot

  5. Max Glassburg writes:

    Follow this Facebook link: All we can say is stay tuned, and we’ll let you know when we find out.

  6. Max Glassburg writes:

    Hey everyone,

    Season 2 casting is happening! Click here:

    -Max, BendPak Team

  7. Randall key writes:


  8. Randall key writes:

    I’ve been off-roading sense I was a kid, I’m a paraplegic now but I still race rock bouncers. I race with full hand controls and I complete with the best in the sport

  9. Todd Brawley writes:

    My pal Bill submitted to be on the show, but we all here are just a bunch of rednecks and no nothing about how to post u tube and other things. We just good ol boys doing what we love to do. He really wanted to be on the show to show off his redneck yeller truck and what it will do. He’s definitely not scared. Thats why everyone calls him Crazy Bill.. let the ol fella come turn that truck loose. Yall wont be sorry.

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