All-New PL-14000 Parking Lift Video


Parking lots, particularly in big cities, all eventually run into the same problem—space constraints. Before you go out and try to buy up the surrounding properties to knock them down and build another lot, consider BendPak’s PL-14000 triple-stacking parking lift. The PL-14000 is the most cost effective way to increase your parking capacity by 300% without having to hassle with the pain of acquiring new property, obtaining building permits, an architect and creating a new structure.

PL-14000 parking lift
PL-14000 parking lift

Check out the video below to see how the PL-14000 works its magic. This thing is so big, we had to film it outside. Good thing it’s designed to work flawlessly in most adverse weather conditions. If you want to learn more, go directly to the PL-14000 parking lift product page.

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