Ranger Wheel Service Equipment Spotted on Adam Carolla CarCast


This week on Adam Carolla’s CarCast, Adam and Sandy take you on a tour of the garage where they hone their beloved craft. And what is revealed once the curtain is pulled back? A Ranger DST Series Wheel Balancer and a Ranger R26EX Tire Machine!

Adam Carolla and radio partner

Naturally, we’re only too happy to see Ranger equipment making garage life better. Here’s some of the things Adam and Sandy have to say about owning Ranger wheel service equipment (from about 19:14 in the podcast).

Ranger equipment exactly where it belongs, in a garage or shop like yours

Sandy: “We got tired of idiots wrecking our rims and leaving blobs of goo. You’ve got to have this kind of equipment.”

Adam: “And you use it no problem.”

Sandy: “Yeah. I remember I was thinking I only have to change like 6,000 tires to break even but it’s the satisfaction of knowing that some jerk-off isn’t going to smash my three-piece rims or put on a whole bunch of tire goo…”

Adam: “Or just waiting in line and doing that thing where the guy tells you to come back in an hour and you come back in an hour and a half and it’s still not ready.”

Sandy: “And the guy is the dirtiest guy in the world. Not discounting the guys that work hard but, eh, enough of that.”

They go on to promise that they will do a tutorial on how use a tire changer sometime in the future. We’d love to see that.

But what are you reading this stuff for? Go listen to the Adam Carolla CarCast now if you haven’t already. Or just click on the video below to get the grand tour.

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