Adam Carolla CarCast Shows You How To Change A Tire



We are very proud to bring you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at this week’s Adam Carolla CarCast. Not too long ago, we took a quick ride down the 101 to the fair city of Glendale, CA, where we were granted access into the hallowed halls of Adam Carolla’s garage. We stumbled around in a daze, struck by the overwhelming amount of automobile awesomeness—unable to walk six feet without nearly tripping over a couple of Mustangs, a Ford GT40 or a Cobra. The walls and ceilings were lavishly adorned with memorabilia, equal parts comedy and automotive. As we made our winding way through the shop, we repeatedly came across what surely amounted to a bona fide truck-load of BendPak / Ranger automotive service equipment. This truly was a car lover’s paradise.

Ranger tire changer and red car on set

What followed was one of the best working Saturdays in recent memory. Our gracious hosts—Sandy Ganz and his crew—were kind, entertaining, helpful and even fed us delicious sandwiches from a local establishment. It was all we could do to sit back and grin while we watched Sandy and co. do their thing. The segment centered on a step-by-step tutorial of how to properly change and balance a tire with the aid of a BendPak low-rise car lift, Ranger tire changer and Ranger wheel balancer…as well as the completely wrong and dangerous method involving starter fluid and a box of matches.

The tire-changing tutorial segment starts in at about 21:39, preceded by an interesting chat with hot rod builder Bodie Stroud. At the time of this post there’s no video (yet), but we took our own camera and have loads of exclusive snapshots to show you on the official BendPak / Ranger Flickr page. We recommend you go there now!

Thank you Sandy and the entire CarCast crew. We had a (fiery) blast.

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