Ranger’s Newest Car Parts Washer


Dirty car parts slowing you down? Little problems like dirt, grime and oil buildup can cause big issues with your vehicle. Cleaning car parts is important for vehicle maintenance. Not to mention how great it feels when your car is as shiny and clean on the inside as it is on the outside. But cleaning car parts isn’t as fun as it sounds. With car parts ranging in size from extremely small to hundreds of pounds in weight, how exactly are you supposed to get your car in tip-top shape in a short amount of time? Wouldn’t it be great if there was some sort of steel, heavy-duty cabinet you could shove large and small parts into that would do all the hard work for you? Wouldn’t it be even better if these same feature-heavy spray wash cabinets suddenly got an upgrade? Wait, this all already happened?

Introducing A Stainless Steel Solution

Ranger’s Spray Wash Cabinets the RS-500D and RS-750D have been a shop’s dream machine for cleaning grease and grime both easily and quickly for years. But now they have a shiny new look to match the car parts they clean. The RS-500DS and RS-750DS are our newest stainless-steel spray wash cabinet models and come complete with a rust-resistant, stainless steel construction that not only looks good but ensures that your parts washer will last for as long as you need it.

Spray Wash Cabinet’s Features

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to parts washers. That’s why we make sure our spray wash cabinets cover all of your concerns and leave you with only the job of turning it on. For starters, to ensure an even and powerful wash, each of our parts washers has a 30” or larger turntable and powerful multi-directional spray jets. And with the help of 50 and 55-gallon water tanks pre-heated by our dual heating system, your water is primed and ready to work all at the press of a button. Combine this with our premium oil-skimming system that keeps your water and cabinet clean, as well as our stainless steel nozzles, commercial-grade pump/motor, non-marring casters to make positioning the parts washer around your shop a cinch, and our specially designed parts washer detergent, and you get a washing system that’s ready for any car part you can fit in it!

Worrying about the little things? Worry not! The removable filter basket and parts tree allow you to load up all of your tiniest car parts for an even and thorough clean without the danger of losing them.










What are the Differences?

Since the RS-500D and the Rs-750D were already at the top of their class for parts washers, there wasn’t a whole lot to improve. The stainless-steel construction is the biggest and most important change. Because stainless steel is great when it comes to resisting rust, this was the natural solution to a longer-lasting parts washer. With the same revolving turntable, industrial-grade 70 gpm pump, multi-directional sprayers, and steel oil skimming system as the RS-500D and RS-750D, these wash cabinets don’t skimp on power either.

Check out this YouTube video for a look at all of the little details!

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