Garage Mahal Motorcycle Garage Behind The Scenes


Last week we were invited out to take some pictures of an upcoming Garage Mahal episode that featured some great Ranger garage equipment.

Bill Goldberg filmed while riding motorcycle

The last time we had a chance to do something with Garage Mahal, we had to travel all the way to Detroit. So, when we heard that the DIY Network show was going to be filming in Moorpark, CA (practically our backyard), we grabbed a camera and hustled over.

You won’t find any car lifts in this set of pictures–this time around it was Ranger’s turn to steal the show with the RML-600 Motorcycle Lift and the RTB-13DC Toolbox Combo .

The couple who owned the soon-to-be-overhauled garage were proud motorcycle enthusiasts as well as avid golfers. The creative guys at Garage Mahal figured out how to combine the two, but we can’t ruin the surprise yet. We can, however, give you a set of behind-the-scenes photos to look at while you wait for this episode of Garage Mahal.

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