Car and Driver’s Garage Mahal Makeover Featuring BendPak Garage Equipment


If you’ve been following along on Twitter, Facebook and of course the blog, then you’re already eagerly anticipating this Friday’s episode of Garage Mahal with Car and Driver Magazine. Their garage was in serious need of renovation, so DIY Network called in only the best equipment from BendPak / Ranger to help turn it into a bona fide testing facility with all the works. At the heart of this newly anointed workshop is none other than a BendPak XPR-9S Two-Post Lift.

BendPak two-post lift in an auto shop
BendPak, ready for the next customer

You could wait to get your hands on the July issue of Car and Driver to read their take on filming Friday’s episode and all the awesome automotive equipment involved…or you could just head over to the Car and Driver website and check out the article right now. Here’s what they say about BendPak:

Atop our wish list was a two-post lift. We had to rent a forklift to unload its 1700-pound mass. A local crew got the posts upright and working in about four hours. With this 9000-pound capacity lift, we can now swap wheels, inspect suspensions, and otherwise mess up perfectly good cars without getting our Dockers dirty.

They also posted a time-lapse video that shows everything that went into making the Car and Driver garage what it is today. Days of work compressed into about two minutes–you can even see our guys set up the car lift.


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