BendPak is Heading to the Lake Havasu Boat Show


SANTA PAULA, CA (April 3, 2023) – The Lake Havasu Boat Show is almost underway, and you can bet that BendPak will be there to show off some top-tier equipment. From April 14th to April 16th, come by Booth # DD to check out some fan-favorite tech, like the LITESTIX, as well as some new additions to our expansive lineup.


The Equipment

What better time to unveil a new boat storage lift than at a boat show? Introducing the all-new HD-75BXT. This 7,500 lb. capacity parking lift pulls double duty and can act as both a vehicle and boat storage lift. It’s the safest, most cost-effective way to dry dock your boat. The HD-75BXT lets you avoid all those costly monthly bills that come with boat storage fees, and since it’s a BendPak, you know you’re getting a lift that has been crafted to our incredibly strict specifications. The low-profile approach ramps will make sure that boat trailers are able to load onto the runways with ease. The HD-75BXT is the ultimate dry-docking solution!

The Ultimate Dry-Docking Solution

All critical components are enclosed within the lift to maximize service life, and the HD-75BXT comes equipped top-of-the-line safety features, features like automatic safety locks and a secondary lock system which acts as a slack-cable device. This lift isn’t just for boat owners, it’s also great for business owners! More storage means a bigger bottom line, and when you offer the HD-75BXT to your customers, you’re offering them one of the safest boat storage solutions!

It’s starting to heat up, making it prime time for our Cool Boss portable evaporative air coolers! We’ll be showing off the CB-16L and CB-36L which are part of our COOLBLAST Series, and the all-new CB-26SL as part of our COOLBREEZE Series. Our COOLBLAST models are jam-packed with features to create the ultimate work environment. Bluetooth speakers, a negative air ionizer, LED floodlights, and more come together to make sure you stay as comfortable and productive as possible.

World’s Best Evaporative Air Coolers

Then there’s the CB-26SL. Our COOLBREEZE models sport automatic swing louvers so you’re able to precisely direct cold air wherever you need it, but what makes the CB-26SL stand out from the rest in the COOLBREEZE Series is the fact that this is our only hybrid model. This model comes equipped with the negative air ionizer which until now was exclusive to COOLBLAST models. The air ionizer negatively charges the air as it passes through the unit. When this air makes contact with airborne bacteria, it causes them to become easily stuck to walls and floors, making for simple cleanup.

As the world’s premier manufacturer of high-quality lifts, we know better than anybody how much it sucks to be stuck underneath a vehicle for long periods of time while on an uncomfortable creeper. That’s why we’ve developed the Ergo-RS, our flagship product in our Ergochair lineup. What sets the Ergo-RS apart from the rest of the competition is the fact that not only is this creeper seat incredibly versatile, it’s also very comfortable. It comes equipped with durable zero-throw casters which enhances mobility while retaining stability.

The Ergo-RS has been designed to accommodate engineers of all sizes, and that’s why it features multiple locking heights as well as a weight capacity of 350 lbs. Despite its steel construction, it still remains comfortable in use. There’s no point in doing difficult work if your neck and back are going to end up paying for it, and with the Ergo-RS you won’t have to.

Comfortable. Versatile. Adaptable.

We’ll also be bringing the entirety of our new JackPak line, which includes six portable power packs. Starting off with…

The ULTRA2500A is our 4-in-1 portable jump starter. With 2,000 peak-amps of battery jumping power at your disposal, you’ll be getting your vehicle in working order in no time. The 2500A also acts as an emergency flashlight, a power bank, and an air compressor.

The Full JackPak Line

The PS600W is a power station with a huge capacity. Multiple ports allow you to charge your favorite devices at the same time. Featuring a water-resistant casing, this durable power station is perfect for long outings.

When you want pocket-sized power, you can’t go wrong with the PB20KS. With multiple solar panels you’re able to take full advantage of everything the sun has to offer. The next time you’re on a hike try clipping it onto your backpack and ensure you always have a source of power close by.

What makes the RL400 stand out is the fact that it is our only 6-in-1 device. It’s an AM/FM radio, a flashlight, an SOS alarm, a weather alert, a music player, and a power bank – all rolled into one compact device. With multiple ways to charge, including eco-friendly options such as solar panels and a hand crank dynamo, you can keep your RL400 powered up and stay up to date on any important info.

Next up is the SP100W. This solar panel charger provides eco-friendly ways to keep the power flowing. With the included power adapter, you’re able to connect to another set of solar panels and double up your energy production. You can also use it to charge any power stations you may own, like the JackPak PS600W.

Finally, we have the PB960. This high-capacity power bank features many outlets so you can charge multiple devices at the same time. It sports a portable design, is built rugged, and even comes with an LED flashlight and wireless charging pad.

See you in Arizona!

We’re just a few weeks out from the show and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. If you’re not able to make it, check us out on Social Media to keep up to date on all things BendPak!

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