Review: BendPak Car Lift & Direct Lift Head-To-Head Comparison Test


Find out how the other guys measure up to BendPak


As we reported a couple months ago, we’re not afraid of a little friendly competition. So from time to time we pit our most popular car lifts against the other guys for a battle royale of automotive lifting metal. This one’s been in the works for a while and we’re very pleased to bring you a new, comprehensive chapter on the Study in Lift Design website.

In this head-to-head challenge, we take a closer look at a lift we’ve heard quite a bit about, the Direct-Lift Pro-Park 8 Plus. We wanted to see how our lifting solution would stand up, but unfortunately BendPak doesn’t manufacture an 8,000-lb. four-post lifting solution at this time. So we improvised a 9,000-lb. HD-9XW car lift. To keep things fair, capacity is NOT included anywhere in our overall determination. We’re only looking things like build-quality and engineering–traits that would be consistent throughout an entire series of lift products at every weight capacity.

When deciding which lift to purchase, price is probably one of the bigger concerns on your mind. But if you take a good look at the new study, you might just discover that it’s a better idea to pay a little extra for a better lift, even if it gives you a bit more lifting power than you need.

2 responses to “Review: BendPak Car Lift & Direct Lift Head-To-Head Comparison Test”

  1. paul writes:

    Why did you not compare similar models by using the Direct Lift PP9P, i am assuming this is because the PP9P has thicker materials and larger components. I find this review misleading as similar models were not compared.

  2. jim writes:

    hi what is the cost of one of you’r 4 post lifts i want one to store a car on top and one under it also how much is the shipping to a bus address that has a fork lift to unload 14086 zip code

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