BendPak & Direct Lift Head-To-Head Comparison


Here at BendPak, we believe that one of the primary forces pushing our industry forward is friendly competition. And if you’re already familiar with, you know that we like to cut through the marketing fluff and simply put our best up against theirs. With this strategy, we can make sure that our BendPak car lifts and truck lifts are as robust and feature-rich as possible. At the same time, it’s enlightening to see the stark differences in design, materials and manufacturing that can exist between two seemingly identical products.

BendPak four-post lift and another brand
BendPak vs. Direct-Lift head-to-head comparison

In our next round of testing to see how BendPak stacks up against the competition, we’ll be comparing a Direct-Lift Pro-Park 8 Plus and a BendPak HD9-XW car lift. Both have got their strong points for sure, so this will be a healthy competition. Sign up for the BendPak Blog RSS feed to stay on top of all the breaking BendPak / Ranger news. Stay tuned and be informed!

Until then, check out the preview pics of this four-post car lift comparison test.

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