BendPak Construction Update, March 2019


As some of you know by now, BendPak is tearing down walls in order to rebuild bigger and better than ever. This plan has been in the works for quite some time now. It’s been nearly a year since we first unveiled this plan to the public with this video:

Most successful companies will often expand without talking about it much, but we’re not just any company. Our customers have got to be some of the most connected (and vocal) in the world, so we think it’s important to stay open, stay honest and let you all know what’s going on. The truth is, we hit a “growth spurt” in 2017 that even took us by surprise.

BendPak logo and construction
The sign is up!

Our customer service techs have been hammering out calls this past year as business has increased far beyond our predictions. Even our website has exploded in popularity. Just check out this chart: BendPak is that orange line you see at the top, and the next-highest line there… we’re not telling you who it is, but if you buy car lifts, trust us, you’ve heard of them.

BendPak web traffic line graph
BendPak (top line) web traffic vs. other leading brands. Sorry, no names.

The point of all this is simple. BendPak is growing at a faster pace than virtually anyone else in the industry, both in size and efficiency. We’re preparing for even greater growth, and the moment of truth is just around the corner. Whatever motivates you to make a purchase: competitive pricing, superior construction, safer engineering or responsive service, BendPak has plans to be the best in every category. We’ll close this out with a quick look at where we’re at with construction right now. Soon we’ll be able to show off something a little more “attractive,” but for now we have hanging ducts, temporary walls and some grade-A insulation lined up. Can’t wait to unveil what’s behind the curtain. Things are moving fast, so stay tuned!

BendPak Construction Progress
Looks like we still have some work to do.

Update 3/20/19 – The new service center is semi-complete, and the first of about 50 people are situated while we do renovations in their old work area. Things are moving fast! Many hires to come.

BendPak new customer service center
Getting there!

Update 4/3/19 – Phase one of the new service center is complete, and the first of about 50 people are situated while we do renovations in their old work area. Second phase has already begun to complete the second half and should be completed by June! These guys are fast!

BendPak's new service center halfway complete
Phase one is complete!


Phase two construction has begun
Phase two already begun!


BendPak Office Expansion Update May 2019


New conference room

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